Catering a Wedding at Noahs

Catering a Wedding at Noahs 0

You eat with your eyes before you even touch the food so we want to create a meal that makes you go WOW before you event get close to the food.
Rustic Autumn House Party

Rustic Autumn House Party 0

I was asked to cater a party for the CEO of a local Media Company that does a wonderful business that has amazing connections throughout the USA.

There were some what many would call VIP’s coming in town and they wanted to wow them with Presentation and obviously taste.

Grazing Table Ideas for Upcoming Events

Grazing Table Ideas for Upcoming Events 0

Grazing tables give you the freedom to pick and choose the decorations, colors, foods, and drinks that you’ll use to create a mix-and-mingle social gathering of great success. 
Dinner in the Streets

Dinner in the Streets 0

The first-annual Salvation Army Dinner in the Streets was held in Avondale
Catering: Leanne's Rehearsal Dinner

Catering: Leanne's Rehearsal Dinner 0

A woman came to me because she had our food in the past and loved it. She wanted us to cater her son's wedding rehearsal dinner, but there was a catch...

  • Thomas Cox
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Tips For Feeding a Large Crowd

Tips For Feeding a Large Crowd 0

Feeding a large crowd of 20 or more can be intimidating, but never fear! I have outlined some tips and some suggestions that will make life easier.