How making a Sandwich can change the world

How making a Sandwich can change the world 0

So many times people fall into the trap of comparing themselves to other people. When they look at the impact they seem to have on the world, some people feel as if they don’t measure up.
Catering a Wedding at Noahs

Catering a Wedding at Noahs 0

You eat with your eyes before you even touch the food so we want to create a meal that makes you go WOW before you event get close to the food.
John Maxwell Live Notes

John Maxwell Live Notes 0

If you are like me you have the best of intentions….You pay to go to a conference and you get yourself a fresh pen and the nice notebook that is either brad new or has lots of pages because you are going to take copious notes that is going to change your business or marriage or whatever the conference is centered around.
Rustic Autumn House Party

Rustic Autumn House Party 0

I was asked to cater a party for the CEO of a local Media Company that does a wonderful business that has amazing connections throughout the USA.

There were some what many would call VIP’s coming in town and they wanted to wow them with Presentation and obviously taste.

Feeding a Large Crowd

Feeding a Large Crowd 0

Feeding a large crowd of 20 or more can be intimidating if you are the one that is hosting.  Never fear. I am asked to feed that and more all the time. 
How to Create an Amazing Grazing Table

How to Create an Amazing Grazing Table 0

Fully decorated and loaded with delicious appetizers, grazing events are always the star at any event.