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Now Available - mealfit Taco Seasoning and Taco Hot Seasoning

Now Available - mealfit Taco Seasoning and Taco Hot Seasoning 0

Our Taco Seasoning and Taco Hot Seasoning is an excellent time saving addition to any kitchen where time is of the essence – just add it to your chicken, beef or ground turkey and you can create a ton of flavor.
  • Thomas Cox
Southern Field Peas

Southern Field Peas 0

A deliciously simply side dish made with locally sourced field peas from the great state of Alabama!
  • Thomas Cox
Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette Dressing

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette Dressing 0

This is hands down our most favorite dressing that we do when it comes up at the salad bar. It has a little twist that makes it so good...

  • Thomas Cox
Summer Strawberry Drink

Summer Strawberry Drink 0

A refreshing take on a summer fruit drink that both you and your kids will love!
  • Thomas Cox
Cherry "Lara Bars"

Cherry "Lara Bars" 2

Three ingredients and just minutes to make - these bars are both a healthy and energizing snack.
  • Thomas Cox
Lockert Roasted Veggies

Lockert Roasted Veggies 0

This is by far the most popular dish I make with requests for it coming in every week. It has all of the veggies our family loves, and is simple yet tasty.
  • Thomas Cox
Homemade Pesto

Homemade Pesto 0

I have to admit, homemade pesto is one thousand times better than the store bought stuff.
  • Thomas Cox
Crockpot BBQ Bacon Apple Chicken with Spring Veggies

Crockpot BBQ Bacon Apple Chicken with Spring Veggies 0

This is a super simple crockpot recipe that will save you tons of time and is packed with flavor!
  • Thomas Cox
Smashed Red Potatoes

Smashed Red Potatoes 0

If you have never had Smashed Potatoes before, it's by far one of the best potato dishes you will ever eat...
  • Thomas Cox
Mealfit Mexican Soup

Mealfit Mexican Soup 0

This is a great dish that is a little different than your traditional Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup. Not spicy at all, it's perfect for the entire family!
  • Thomas Cox
The Best Kale Salad

The Best Kale Salad 0

There are tons of ways to incorporate more kale into your diet, and today we have one of our favorites to share with you. This kale salad is not only healthy and delicious, but its also very simple. This dish is a great side to anything you are serving, or even as a meal itself!
  • Thomas Cox
Your New Favorite Gluten-Free Dish

Your New Favorite Gluten-Free Dish 0

Tuna is an amazing source of protein and a stellar snack food. There are tons of different delicious dishes that feature tuna, but today we have an amazing recipe for tuna cakes that I know you will love! This recipe is simple, quick, and great for the whole family.
  • Thomas Cox