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Motivation by Thomas Cox

Motivation by Thomas Cox 0

Thomas is speaking to a panel of kids about business and motivating them to be amazing at life. The question was asked at the end on any piece of advice that I might give to kids. This is what I said.
  • Thomas Cox
mealfit Skillet Corn Recipe

mealfit Skillet Corn Recipe 0

Old Fashioned meal that taste amazing. Made this for some friends of mine and they killed it. Kids loved it too. Biggest test was the wife.  Jackie loved it.
  • Thomas Cox
10 Additives to Avoid

10 Additives to Avoid 0

Do you now what is in the food you eat everyday.  Would you be surprised that some additives in the food we eat, is banned in other countries.   Here are 10 additives to avoid and why...

  • Thomas Cox
John Maxwell Live Notes

John Maxwell Live Notes 0

If you are like me you have the best of intentions….You pay to go to a conference and you get yourself a fresh pen and the nice notebook that is either brad new or has lots of pages because you are going to take copious notes that is going to change your business or marriage or whatever the conference is centered around.
  • Thomas Cox
Feeding a Large Crowd

Feeding a Large Crowd 0

Feeding a large crowd of 20 or more can be intimidating if you are the one that is hosting.  Never fear. I am asked to feed that and more all the time. 
  • Thomas Cox
Strong Like Samson

Strong Like Samson 0

As our kids grow up we teach them to say their prayers at night and many times we will teach the classic “now I lay me down to sleep….” 

No matter your religious affiliation many people believe in a GOD. I the Christian world prayer is important because to us this is communication with GOD.

  • Thomas Cox
Tips For Feeding a Large Crowd

Tips For Feeding a Large Crowd 0

Feeding a large crowd of 20 or more can be intimidating, but never fear! I have outlined some tips and some suggestions that will make life easier.
  • Thomas Cox
How To Save Your Kid's Life

How To Save Your Kid's Life 0

When my oldest daughter was 3 years old a friend of ours suggested we take our kid all the way to Nashville to these swim lessons...
  • Thomas Cox
Cherry "Lara Bars"

Cherry "Lara Bars" 2

Three ingredients and just minutes to make - these bars are both a healthy and energizing snack.
  • Thomas Cox
Smashed Red Potatoes

Smashed Red Potatoes 0

If you have never had Smashed Potatoes before, it's by far one of the best potato dishes you will ever eat...
  • Thomas Cox
Cigarettes & Coke

Cigarettes & Coke 0

We are starting to put all the dots together and figure out that what we're consuming is causing primarily preventable diseases...
  • Thomas Cox
Healthy Dark Chocolate & Cherry Energy Balls

Healthy Dark Chocolate & Cherry Energy Balls 0

What if you could have a healthy snack that gives you energy while satisfying your sweet cravings? This is a great snack for kids where you control the ingredients. And if you don’t have children, make them for yourself!
  • Thomas Cox