Unstoppable - By Maria Sharapova Book Review

Unstoppable - By Maria Sharapova Book Review 0

The fame, the money and everything she has… she deserves. She has worked and is a product of hard work, relentlessness and some God given talent.
John Maxwell Live Notes

John Maxwell Live Notes 0

If you are like me you have the best of intentions….You pay to go to a conference and you get yourself a fresh pen and the nice notebook that is either brad new or has lots of pages because you are going to take copious notes that is going to change your business or marriage or whatever the conference is centered around.
Fitness on a Budget

Fitness on a Budget 0

Many people think it is expensive to follow the workout plans and shed those pounds, but the truth is, when you forget what ‘they’ say, losing weight is not only much more affordable, it is easier, too.
Strong Like Samson

Strong Like Samson 0

As our kids grow up we teach them to say their prayers at night and many times we will teach the classic “now I lay me down to sleep….” 

No matter your religious affiliation many people believe in a GOD. I the Christian world prayer is important because to us this is communication with GOD.

Busy is Not a Badge

Busy is Not a Badge 0

Lets get one thing straight. Busy is a decision. Read that again. Busy is not something that you catch like a cold. Busy is a decision.

Why a Morning Routine is so Important

Why a Morning Routine is so Important 0

Successful people t the highest level of success have a routine on a daily basis that is mindless