About mealfit

Get to know Thomas Cox

Thomas Cox is a college football coach turned global phenomenon.

He is a husband, father, mentor and life changer.  He began his business mealfit in 2013 from his kitchen table. A friend came to him with a dilemma of how to eat healthy and Thomas used his expertise in meal planning to help this friend. This quickly turned into hundreds.  mealfit is Thomas's company founded on making eating easier and healthier. He feels motivating people through food and lifestyle is the way he can truly impact this world.  

As a businessman Thomas has grown a very successful online, retail and catering business through his holistic grassroots approach.  He has seen profits double in every year of business through his knowledge of marketing and customer service.  Any business wants to know how to turn customers into disciples and Thomas has done this with each of his thriving businesses.  

He has an amazing wife named Jackie and 3 wonderful kids Johnna (8) Teagen (5) and Jorja (1)

We specialize in making your life easier. We want to take the stigma out of healthy food tasting bad. We take a southern style and make it healthier than your typical down south cuisine.

We take the question of “What’s for dinner”  out of your vocabulary.

  • mealfit Plans Where the company started. We provide you with a detailed meal plan for the busy individual any one from the soccer mom to the 60 hour a week executive. We have easy recipes with an exact grocery list for you to take to the grocery store with you. This digital plan you download every week has helped thousands of people in over 25 countries
  • mealfit Ready Weekly changing meals you order online and pick up every Monday. Here is the list of this weeks items.
  • mealfit Prep Weekly Food made in bulk so you can portion out to fit your macros or just so that busy mom can always have cooked food at home for you and the kids. Menu stays the same every week because we know you don’t like much change.
  • We also offer some vegetarian options on out mealfit Ready and  mealfit Catering options.