mealfit Salads FAQ

What are your hours?

Monday – Friday 11-2 pm

What are your Prices?

$5.99 a Pound for salad (We also have other items in our Fridge that are priced per item.

Wraps are $4 each or 2 for $7

Can I Call ahead for a wrap order?

Sure 931-265-8290

How does mealfit salads work?

o you can grab a box either size and you can go through and get whatever you want in your box. It's $5.99 a pound and you just weigh it when you get done! We also have chicken, steak, or pulled pork wraps and those are one for four dollars or two for seven dollars.

I am from XYZ foundation or 501 c3, I was wondering if you could make a donation?

We have a program called the 501 Friday and that means that every Friday of the month we pick an organization that a portion of our proceeds will go to on that Friday.

You can click here and download to application.

Then Click here to download the requirements