3 Things You Should Always Have With You

3 Things You Should Always Have With You

In today’s day and age, everything is on a mobile device. It’s a major convenience, but it has also caused us, as a society, to be glued to a screen all the time.

Don’t hear what I am not saying, because I love all the things I can do with my phone. I communicated with my web developer for a month any time I needed to while he was in BALI…… That’s right. You probably have never heard of the place but it’s an island in the middle of Indonesia.  If you’ve never heard of Indonesia, ask The Google.

But, there are 3 things that I always have with me (excluding my Phone and Wallet) and these are 3 things I think every man and woman needs to have on them AT ALL TIMES.


1. A Good Pen and Notepad

In my opinion, this is a much better alternative than typing it in your phone. Why?

When someone says something and you pull out a notebook and write it down, it lets them know what they said is important, and people like to feel important. When you are with someone or a crowd of people, they’ll never know if you are actually typing down information or are just texting, zombie scrolling, or searching Amazon. Being glued to a phone is unattractive and can be viewed as rude to our older generation.

It has been proven that you remember more when you write things down. You can also draw pictures if you need to. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out my Field Notes to draw a picture to explain something or give a visual to someone. And lastly…. what if your phone is dead?

I use a Field Notes. Nice and Durable and easy to write on. It also fits in any pocket.

I also use a 1.0 Uniball Pen. I like the click pen instead of a pen with a top because I do not like to have to keep up with the top. I like the 1.0 instead of the 0.7 because I like the larger point. I also just love the way it writes.


2. Business Cards.

I am going to get laughed out of the building with this one, but hear me out. A GREAT business card is priceless. I am not talking about a cheap one. Spend the money and get one that sticks out. I have a 32 point business card with painted edges and rounded corners (edges painted with fluorescent green and all 4 corners rounded at 1/4″).

I know, details. But I was always taught, “There’s dollars in the details.”

I ordered them from Jakprints It’s a company out of Cleveland. They do a great job.

So why do I spend $.07 on a business card when I could get on Vistaprint and get a million cards for $49.99? Let me say this…95% of the time I give out a business card, (literally 95% of the time) the person I am giving the card to says, “Wow, that’s a nice card,” and it sparks a conversation. When you are engaged in longer conversations with more substance, people remember you. People do business with folks they remember. In a society where everything is digital, it’s always great to physically give them something in their hand that makes them remember you.

So, what needs to go on your card?

  • Name
  • Company if you have one
  • Logo
  • Email
  • Cell phone (if you want to)
  • What you or your company does
  • Social media handles

This is a must. You will never catch me out without one.


2. $150 CASH

This one was taught to me by a mentor of mine named Randy Keifer. Randy is a dear friend and has so much wisdom. Why cash? There will be many times when you will not need this. We live in a digital age and we can swipe a credit card and get just about anything we need. But CASH will always, and I repeat ALWAYS be king.

There may be a time when you’re out and about and you need that money for something. What happens if you’re in the middle of nowhere and you need some help? You find a good deal and the place only accepts cash! How many times have  you been to the store and you have stuff to buy and the credit card machine is down?

Also, there is something empowering about having that cash on you. It’s hard to explain, but when you have it, you have more confidence knowing you have it. Also, if you are in a spot where you need to give, or the Holy Spirit prompts you to bless someone, you have that ability.

The key is, when you spend it, immediately replace it.

These 3 things may seem a little old school, but sometimes old school is okay.  People respect you when you understand the digital age and function in the new way of doing things, yet still have a traditional way about you. Respect from the young and the old.

Check out this video where I go more in-depth as to why I believe these are things you should always have with you.

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