Return / Cancellation policy

We cannot accept order cancellations after 2pm on Saturdays.  If you request to postpone a pickup, you will need to notify us by email and we’ll change it for you. We need at least 48 hours notice of a postponement request. We deliver meals on Monday’s between 3pm-6pm. Orders need to be in by Saturday at 2pm. If you order after this deadline,  orders will be rolled over to the next pickup date.


We are not responsible for spoilage, as we prepare all meals fresh and follow all food safe handling criteria up to meal drop off. We recommend keeping meals no more than 5-7 days without freezing. You must report your issues in writing and with photos within 24 hours of the meals being delivered. Every meal is made fresh and we do not store cooked food for days before delivering to pickup locations. The food will last 5-7 days depending on the type of meals you order and your fridges temperature. Seafood and Salads typically is 3-4 days. Beef, Poultry and Vegetables up to 5-7 Days. You can freeze all meals except salads and eat at a later date.