Starting a new health journey can seem intimidating. We see others hitting health goals every day online, and seeing ourselves achieve those same goals might be hard. Mealfit believes in making small changes in your life to get on track to completing health goals is the way to go. Check out my top three tips for long-lasting health results.

Make The Change

The first step to beginning a healthy lifestyle is to make the decision to begin a healthy lifestyle. You have to start somewhere. Today is the day, and now is the time. You do not have to hit the ground running full speed to change your lifestyle. Start small, be consistent, and be patient. Let’s take a deeper look into how these three tips can get you on your healthy lifestyle way.

Start Small

Trying to make a big, drastic change in your life to get started on your healthy journey isn’t the best idea. We are creatures of habit, and disrupting those habits in a major way can backfire. Maybe you set a goal to run one mile every day. You might start out strong and run every day for five days. But, when that sixth day comes around, you don’t have to go to work or the office, and you have no obligations for the day, it might be harder to get yourself motivated and you skip your run. Many people would say they fell off the bandwagon and this can be the hardest to get back on. 

Start small. Set a goal to run maybe one or two days a week. This small goal makes consistency easier. Once this routine becomes a habit, add another day to run three days a week, then progress to running every day. 

Be Consistent

When making healthier decisions, consistency is key. This tip ties in with making small changes. You are more likely to achieve consistency with small changes rather than one big drastic change. Book your workouts into your calendar to help encourage you to be consistent. If you use your work calendar the most, add your workouts there. Planning into a calendar that you view more frequently, you are more likely to stick to it and not get double-booked as often. 

I recently completed 75 HARD created by entrepreneur Andy Frisella. This program, or challenge, isn’t your basic fitness challenge. It incorporates mental and physical ability and toughness. It is transformative in the sense that it is indeed life-changing. One key aspect of 75 HARD is that if a day is missed or completed incorrectly, you must start over from the beginning. This helps build discipline and consistency. Now, we aren’t saying to get going with this challenge. Remember, start small!    

Interested In 75 HARD? Read More About My Experience.


Be Patient 

Patience is a virtue — we’ve all heard the saying. It’s true! Having patience isn’t just important when it comes to seeing a change in your health. It is also important in your everyday life whether it is work or personal. Being consistent will make being patient come a little easier, too. Don’t expect to see massive results in your first two weeks. Play the long game, results will begin to show, and these results will last longer compared to a get-fit-quick scheme. 

MealFit Makes Small Changes Easy

Another small change to make is eating healthy for at least one meal every day. Luckily, Mealfit makes this change even easier. Simply log on by Sunday at 2:00 PM, select your ready-to-eat and healthy meals for the week, check out, and pick up your delicious and healthy Mealfit meals at any one of our pick-up locations around the Birmingham area on Monday evening. Bonus: most of our pick-up locations are local gyms. Complete your workout and tackle meal prepping all at once.

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