5 Things Vegetarians Need to Buy

5 Things Vegetarians Need to Buy

All the time I get asked about meal prep. It's one of the things we do, and we do pretty well here. But one of the biggest things is what about vegetarians? What do those guys do and what do those guys eat, especially when it comes to protein?

So what we're gonna do today is we're gonna talk about the five things that vegetarians need to meal prep, and we're gonna focus on the protein sources that the vegetarians can use in their meal prep. So come on, let's go see what we got.

One of the biggest things is garbanzo beans. Garbanzo beans are a staple with vegan and vegetarian diets. Number one, they have a ton of protein. Number two, there's also a great amount of complex carbs in them as well. So they're good on both fronts, but that is one of the number one things that vegans and vegetarians use for protein, is a garbanzo bean.

Black beans ... All beans have some source of protein in it. But they also have a complex carb in it as well. It's a carb that doesn't raise your insulin like a sugar does. And so all beans are a great food.

So quinoa is a grain, and it's a sprouted grain ... loads of protein in quinoa along with complex carbs.

Jasmine rice ... I love jasmine rice; the best-tasting rice there is. We cook it in the oven as opposed to cooking on the stove, and it's absolutely wonderful. You can create it and make it into what you want.

Spinach and broccoli ... Both of those items have protein in them that people don't realize. Now they're obviously not protein-heavy but they both have protein in them. Spinach and broccoli are a green nutrient that we all need.

So those are the five things that you must have in a vegan or vegetarian meal prep. Honestly, the possibilities are unlimited as to what you can do with those items. Here at Mealfit one of the most popular things that we do is our vegetarian power bowl, where we take the bulk of those items we talked about today and put them in a bowl with our seasoning ... absolutely wonderful, wonderful meal.

Thank you guys so much for watching today.

I look forward to serving you in the future.


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