5 Tips on How to WOW your VIP Clients

5 Tips on How to WOW your VIP Clients

The chances of you giving a VIP a gift they will use every day is very unlikely.  One thing I have learned...it’s better to spend your money on unique experiences for such people so they can get to know you, rather than give a gift they will never use. 

It’s all about relationships...not just giving thoughtless, random gifts. You have to build relationships with people to get them to do business with you. There is always going to be someone out there that has a better price. Service is key but you have to get them to do business with you before you can show them your amazing service.

What is one way you can help foster a relationship with that VIP client?


Nothing says personal like your home. It’s where you sleep, eat, relax, raise kids and walk around in your underwear. It’s personal. Many times, when you let someone into a place that means so much to you, they will let you in as well. People are more likely to let their guard down and relax a little more at a home, sitting on a couch, than in a restaurant.

You will have a tendency to relax more in your own home as well. After all, its where you are the most comfortable.  Share your home and give of yourself, people will take notice.

How is the best way to bring someone into your home, treat them and make them feel special?  Have a meal and create an atmosphere of relaxed dignity. 

Here are 5 tips to wow your next VIP client.

  1. Clean house. This goes without saying. Some people judge your home and cleanliness as the way you do business. Get all the stuff that is broken fixed and get all the pet hair cleaned up and have a place that looks and smells amazing.
  2. Don’t do all the work. The work is entertaining your guest. The last thing you need to do is for your guest to ask you a question that could make an amazing connection for the 2 of you and you have to go get the chicken off the grill. Make sure everything is taken care of. This can be your assistant. They are the ones that know the importance of the meeting and they have helped you plan the whole thing. Make them the point person and give them the power to make decisions when you are entertaining your whale.
  3. Hire a caterer- the last thing you want to worry about is the food. Is the chicken done? How much longer on the green beans? What??!!

No, let the pros do it. Bring someone in to do a private meal. If the client is a foodie, then have the chef get you involved in the cooking. If that is not his deal then do a beautiful set up that says you spent some money to make this event special.  Make your home beautiful. Make sure your caterer can decorate and make it look amazing. You want your guest to feel important. Talk to the guest’s assistant and find out their favorite foods and more importantly find out what they do not like. For example, we have a VIP that we entertain from time to time and there are 2 things he does not like.

  • Salad - I know this is a staple at most meals but try a not so traditional salad.
  • Cooked Fruit…. I.E. Cobbler. If you are in the south then cobbler is a staple of your dessert thoughts. Especially with some amazing homemade ice cream.

Give the details to your caterer and be specific, there are some things that the caterers like and that is specific “don’ts”. Otherwise, leave it up to them.

  1. Have a plan but be flexible. From where everyone is going to park to accommodating personal food choices. People who are gluten-free, to the person who is allergic to cats, make sure you have all the details covered. Be aware of fine details like your guest’s allergies to your client’s favorite cocktail. Have an idea for the evening but if an amazing conversation gets going, don’t quench the fire, let it roll. Have an ending time in mind, but again, be flexible. Know the names of all the people coming. The sweetest sound to a person’s ear is the sound of their own name. Call people by name.
  2. Ask Questions and Tell stories. The #1 thing people want to talk about is themselves. Period, end of subject. So ask questions and be interested. You have to listen because the last thing you want to do is to ask questions about things they have already answered. It’s ok to ask about kids. Most people love talking about their kids. Ask about college and where they went. Did they play sports in the past? Ask about it. People love talking about their past endeavors.  Even if they were not very good. Never one-up them. Speak about yourself only when they ask.


Overall this is a great way to wow those guests that you are trying to win over or honestly just impress. Business is done with people, not products. Everywhere you get in life is most likely because of someone else.  Remember that next time you are trying to woo a customer to try to do business with you.

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