A Nutritious Meal Delivery Service In Birmingham, AL

A Nutritious Meal Delivery Service In Birmingham, AL

MealFit is a meal delivery and catering service that understands how hard it is to eat nutritious meals on the go. 

MealFit is open now on Grandview Parkway in Birmingham, Alabama, and is ready to meet the meal-prep needs of the community. We believe that a fast-paced schedule shouldn't sentence you to only eating fast food meals, nor should eating healthy be restricted to a bland diet. We provide deliciously nutrient-focused meals for the family and individuals, as well as a catering service for corporate lunches, pharmaceutical gatherings, and even office lunch meetings. Our catering service can serve 5 to 150+ people. 

MealFit Meal Delivery 

Though MealFit is based in central Birmingham, we have pick-up locations in and around Birmingham:

  • Inverness and 280
  • Downtown Birmingham
  • Hoover
  • Vestavia
  • Trussville
  • Bessemer
  • Helena
  • Homewood
  • Mountain Brook 

For meal pickup service, simply choose the meals you would like for the week on our website by 2 PM on Saturday and select a pick-up point that is most convenient for you in one of the 20+ locations. Then simply pick up your meals at the location you selected on Monday from 4-6 PM or by 4 PM at the Grandview location. 

Meals can be individual dishes with a main and sides or by the pound, and with plenty of vegetarian options available, there’s something for everyone. We also have a variety of herbs, spices, and cookbooks for sale. 


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MealFit Catering Service

MealFit provides a specially curated catering menu for groups ranging in headcount from 5 to 1,500, with a variety of setting options from well-plated meals to boxed lunches. We pride ourselves on providing menu options that appeal to all tastes while not sacrificing real and nutritious food.  We specialize in business catering & pharmaceutical catering.  Our goal is to make it easy for you when you need to provide a meal for your team or clients.

“I love using MealFit because not only is the food always so good, it is just so easy to use.  I send what I need, how many people, where the delivery is, and I just show up and it’s there!”

Kaitlin Rogers, Pharmaceutical Rep

“Mealfit always does an exceptional job. From the warm southern hospitality to the amazing food - Mealfit is number one in my book and always my go-to for any catering needs!”

Timi Price, Executive Assistant Southern Power Company 

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With each meal perfectly balanced and portioned for the price of a standard meal made at home, MealFit offers a healthy and more convenient option for the days you know you won't be able to cook or eat out but still need something that will be ready within 5 minutes. We make ordering easy — simply order meal delivery online or contact us for catering.

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