Busy is NOT a Badge

Busy is NOT a Badge

Everyday you run into someone, and as you pass them in Starbucks or in the halls of the office, you exchange cordial greetings. At some point in the conversation, one of you will talk about how “busy” you and the family are. Whether it's two soccer moms who have 3 kids each, or the business executive, or the doctor, that phrase seems to come up at some point in the conversation.

Lets get one thing straight: Busy is a decision. Read that again. Busy is not something that you catch like a cold. Busy is a decision. 

Of the many excuses people use to rationalize why they can’t do something, “I’m too busy” is  inauthentic and lazy. Sorry... that was harsh. I really don’t believe in “too busy” - if you spend any time at all around me, you will not hear me use that phrase. We do things we want to do…end of story. If we say we are too busy, this is the polite way of saying, “not important enough." It means you would rather be doing something else that you consider more important.

That something else could be sleeping, working, watching an entire season of “Stranger Things," or reading the 47 blog articles that pop up in your inbox everyday. If we use busy as an excuse for not doing something, we are saying it is not a priority.

You don’t magically “find time” to do things, you MAKE time for them. Society tells us that BUSY is a BADGE. In order to be really doing anything of importance, you must look like you are running around like a one legged cat in a sandbox. Busy is not a sign of achievement, busy is a sign of being unorganized. One definition of busy states “cluttered with small, inharmonious details.”

Busy has become cultural filler in our daily language. It’s the term we use when we don’t want to stop and truly talk to someone. And many times “too busy” is the excuse we give for not doing something we don’t feel like doing. You know what? There are a lot of things in life I don’t feel like doing! But anything worth doing is uphill - the things in life that are worth doing and are going to produce fruit in our lives are hard and are going to take our time.

Reading and educating oneself is a priority in my life, and when people shake their heads when they find out I read as much as I do, I tell them they can do it, too. You just have to give that item or task calendar time everyday. I can do anything - it’s just a matter of me scheduling it and giving that particular item time.

I hate when someone comes up to me and says, "I know your super busy...”  No, no I am not. I am being productive and I have a schedule that I am sticking to. The key to having an effective positive schedule is making sure you have margin in the schedule so you can make time when opportunity presents itself.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to talk to someone that is hurting or in need. Many times all they need is someone to listen. You also don’t need to be in such a rush that you pass up an opportunity to meet and create a relationship with someone that can be profitable for you in the future.

I heard a guy one time say, “Busy is for the broke, productive is for the profitable.” 

I loved that. I want to be productive in all facets of my life! I want to produce more and better at work. I want to be productive in my relationships with my wife and kids. I want to be productive in my sphere of influence to other people.

Next time someone asks how your are don’t tell them you are busy….tell them you are productive. Just make sure you're telling the truth.


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