Catering: Coach Clark's Lake Home Event

Catering: Coach Clark's Lake Home Event

We were honored to do an event at the home of UAB Head Football Coach, Bill Clark.

Coach Clark was honoring all of his staff at his beautiful lake home after a hard spring season. He treated them to a day at the lake with great food, good company, and NO football talk.  

When talking to Coach Clark, he wanted a nice meal to thank his coaches for a good spring practice and give them a day off before they hit the road recruiting. So we decided to do some appetizers at 4:00 pm to get them started.

Here is what we Served:

  • Charcuterie board with meats, cheeses, assorted nuts, and olives.  
  • Fruit Tray with our special fruit dip. (grapes, strawberries, fresh cut pineapple, black berries and raspberries.) 
  • Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers - wonderful compliment to the 2 cold items

We laid this out on a simple table overlooking the lake. We varied the heights of the platters to give it more of an appealing look.  As the coaches and wives were digging into the apps, we set up the main course on another section of the deck so as to not get in the way of everyone eating.

Dinner consisted of:

  • A huge garden salad with homemade Ranch Dressing
  • Mamma-Nems Southern Red potato Salad  
  • Butternut Squash Au Gratin  
  • Savory Green beans  
  • Slathered and Smoked Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs 
  • Whole Smoked Filet Mignon at a Carving Station
  • Made from Scratch homemade Sourdough bread


For Dessert:

  • Made from Scratch Southern Banana Pudding

I would love to take credit for the dish, but this recipe is from a great friend of mine's grandmother. When I was in college, we would go to his family's home in central Florida. We would stay at their lake house on Lake Ocklawaha just outside of Ocala, Florida. While snooping around in an index card file, we stumbled upon a tattered and stained index card with grandma's banana pudding on it. We made it, fell in love and wrote it down and have been using it ever since.  

The meal looked and tasted amazing! We chose to place the Filet Mignon on the carving board and I cut the steak as everyone went through, to give it just a touch of elegance. Even tough there was a guy or 2 that came through shirtless, the meal was still top shelf in so many ways! 

Catering is what we do. We love making your event taste and feel amazing. Our job is for you to enjoy your gathering. Many times a host does not have as much fun as the guests because they are constantly worried about food and set up and all that. We take care of all that. It's what we love to do! We love offering people a healthy catered event so they do not have to feel guilty when they leave the gathering.

If you're in the Cookeville or Birmingham Area and are interested in our catering services, please contact us today.

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