Fitness on a Budget

Fitness on a Budget

What’s stopping you from looking in the mirror at the beautiful person staring back at you? Many people think it is expensive to follow the workout plans and shed those pounds, but the truth is, when you forget what ‘they’ say, losing weight is not only much more affordable, it is easier, too. Fitness on a budget is possible and its time that you learn the way.


There’s just a few things that you should to do maintain fitness and your budget. That is:

  • Skip the pre-workout supplement and start the day with a nice, piping hot cup of coffee. You’ve earned it!
  • Use Sunday as your meal prep day and save time and money. Less time in the kitchen means more time to get out there and enjoy life.
  • Stop buying those expensive supplements. Eating clean foods is healthier, tastes better, and is much cheaper. It may take a bit longer to get results, but it is worth the effort.
  • Stop going out to eat. Fast food is nothing more than calorie-laden, processed foods, while casual food restaurants are a step up but still cannot compare to the nutritional content that you’re missing when you prepare your own foods. Besides, a couple can easily spend $40 for one meal dining out!
  • Proper hydration is important. H2O is important to drink daily; in as large of a quantity as possible. Water is cheap and so is proper hydration. You’ll look better, feel better, and have more energy when you’re well-hydrated.

  • Try the barter method to exchange services. For example, you could provide cleaning services to the local gym in exchange for a membership or usage of the equipment.
  • Create fitness goals, make out a plan to reach those goals, and stick to your plans. Your efforts pay off when it is time to get fit and you know what you want.

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