Five Things to NOT Forget on Your Wedding Day

Five Things to NOT Forget on Your Wedding Day

Overall, there's one big thing you need to not forget on your wedding day: you need to hire a caterer. There are so many things to remember: so many i's to dot, so many t's to cross, so many different loose ends that need to be tied up before you actually get to say "I do". Don't let catering be the thing that raises your blood pressure! Here are five things that you absolutely can't forget about to help make your day as special and as painless as possible. 

Added Convenience

Take some of the pressure off of yourself. You've already budgeted for a certain amount on the wedding, so spend that money to make the whole thing a little bit easier. Focus on celebrating, and not on taking care of the food, cleanup, etc. 


Alleviate the Burden on Friends and Family

Your friends and family have been there for you planning this thing the entire time. They want to celebrate too! If you hire a good, full-service caterer, they can do just that without having to worry about any cleanup or any day-of logistics. 

Food Safety

Whether you have a big wedding or a small wedding, there are going to be a lot of people that need to be fed. The worst thing that can happen is your caterer cutting corners on food safety to accommodate that volume. Even if your guests don't remember exactly what happened at your wedding, they'll definitely remember if they get sick. 

Versatile Menu Options

Your family and friends can make some killer dishes. We don't want to take anything away from their culinary skill. But a professional caterer is going to have a lot more dishes and types of cuisine in their arsenal to work within your dietary and economic parameters. When it comes to your backyard barbeque, let your friends and family handle it. But when you're catering your wedding, leave it to the professionals who do this every weekend. 

No Cleanup

Weddings are all-day affairs. Most of the time, they're two or three-day affairs when you think about everything that needs to be set up. When the event ends, and you've been preparing for months and on your feet all day, you know what's the last thing you'll want to do? Clean everything up. A full-service caterer will always provide excellent food, but more than that, they can promise to leave the wedding venue cleaner and better than they found it. 


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