Check Out This Rustic-Style Barn Wedding

Check Out This Rustic-Style Barn Wedding

We catered a beautiful rustic barn wedding. The rustic wedding theme was so fun to work with when creating tablescapes and designing the décor. We used tree cookies and eucalyptus to give the buffet table rustic vibes. We even stained and lacquered a real cedar stump to hold the banana pudding!

Salad and vintage wine bottles filled with dressing.

Banana pudding on rustic buffet table.

The décor was great, but the food was even better. We served a tasty salad with homemade dressing. We put the dressing in vintage wine bottles to match the theme. Next, we had a juicy Greek chicken served with mixed vegetables and our famous jasmine rice. 

Buffet table.

Greek chicken on buffet table.

The banana pudding for desert might be the most eye catching part of the barn rehearsal presentation. We served the banana pudding in mason jars of varying heights and placed them all around and on top of the stump on the buffet table. Beautiful ceramic nameplates and antique lanterns added to the rustic aesthetic.

Banana pudding in jars.

Banana pudding on cedar stump.

The table centerpieces are decorated with burlap ribbon and petite pink flowers in a glass vase. There are greenery accents and candles to bring the piece together. Outside, drinks are served with ice from metal buckets to fit the barn theme.

Beautiful rustic centerpiece.

Rustic metal ice bucket.

Text By Thomas Cox and Martha Kendall Custard 

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