How a former UAB long snapper became Highlands College President

How a former UAB long snapper became Highlands College President

We recently got the chance to sit down with a guy named Mark Pettus, who is one of my best friends and currently the President at Highlands College. 

Highlands College is currently in an incredible period of growth, and it was amazing to get to sit down with Mark, who's been at Church of the Highlands from almost the very beginning. He and I both played at UAB in the early 2000s, were roommates our first year on campus, and were both in Birmingham when the church started in 2001. We've both come a long way since then, and it was really interesting to sit down and hear his insights on his faith, his view of leadership, his background, and his family. 

Mark is not only an amazing leader and pastor but is also an avid reader who uses a lot of what he's learned about marketing and business to run Highlands College. His stories about high school football in his hometown are sure to resonate with a lot of people reading and listening in Alabama, as well as his relationship with his dad, who he credits as his biggest mentor and a guy who can "do pretty much anything". 

You can hear Mark's ideas on mentorship here, listen to his morning routine here, and hear his thoughts on how to be a great leader here

Check out the video below for our entire interview with Mark Pettus!



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  • Floyd Franks

    This interview is worth the 20 minutes to hear it. Enjoy!

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