If You Read, You Might Be Happier Than Those Who Don’t

If You Read, You Might Be Happier Than Those Who Don’t

Good news! Amazon Kindle just put out a new global survey revealing that books can make you happier! Kindle surveyed 27,305 people in thirteen different countries. The study shows that people who read often claim to be happy more than irregular readers and non-readers. The survey was conducted by Kelton Global. Data revealed that 71% of weekly readers felt happier than irregular readers or non-readers (which made up a staggering 55%!).

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The survey also provided some great new info on avid readers. Over 80% of the people surveyed give reading credit for improving their relationships. 30% who are married or currently in a relationship say they would question their relationship based on what their partner chooses to read.

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More than 70% of survey participants say they have bailed on another activity to make more time for reading. In fact, countries like Mexico, Brazil, India, Italy, and Japan have participants who claim they’d rather read than get a full night’s sleep.

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If you are trying to read more books, consider setting reading challenge on Goodreads! You can even spend your spare time in the car, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc reading by getting an Audible or Scribd subscription. Plus, you can check out our article on how to read more books.

Text By Thomas Cox and Martha Kendall Custard 


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