How To Plan A Corporate Catering Event

How To Plan A Corporate Catering Event

When it comes to providing food for a group of people in an office setting or any type of corporate event, hiring a caterer will make it so much easier.  You have to put a lot of thought into planning and caterers have the experience and knowledge to handle it. As a caterer, Mealfit will ask a list of questions to make sure we provide the best service possible. Here are some of the questions you can expect when planning an event with Mealfit.

Venue, People, and Time of Day

First, we will want to know about the space you plan to hold your event in and how many people are expected to attend. The size of the venue or location will determine what we need to provide and how the food will be served. The amount of people expected to attend will help determine how much food needs to be provided. 

Our expert caterers will ask what time of day the event is taking place. Is it a lunch, dinner, or afternoon cocktail event — another important question is whether there will be alcohol served. If so, Mealfit can assist in lining up a bartender and determine what types of beverages are served. 

You also have to think about where the items can be kept cold. Is there refrigeration, or are coolers needed. We ask all of these questions before we even discuss the food!

Seated Meal or Grab-And-Go

Oftentimes, companies offer “working lunch” for employees. This would be a situation where Mealfit brings food and sets it up for the group to grab and gather for a meeting while they are eating. We specialize in these types of catering events with our healthy, delicious boxed lunches and curated catering menu. 

Some questions to ask for these situations would be: Will people be sitting down or moving around while eating? Would a boxed meal or buffet be better? Typically you will get more bang for your buck with a buffet, but boxed lunches might be better depending on how many people are in attendance. Another thing to think about is if you want to use real dishes or disposable plates and cutlery? Even at nice corporate events and banquets, some people prefer disposable because it is easier to clean up and can still look nice.

Who Is Placing The Order

Another important piece of information for Mealfit caterers to know is if the person ordering is in-house or off-site. We handle a lot of catering for pharmaceutical representatives and medical device representatives that order food for doctor’s offices and hospital groups. Hiring a catering company versus a vendor or restaurant that can provide food is the best thing to do in these situations because a caterer knows how to prepare and what questions to ask. We know it is important for pharmaceutical reps to be able to spend the time selling and not have to stress over making sure the food is a good temperature or if they have enough forks. Mealfit can make your life easier.

When To Deliver Catering

The last and probably most important thing to do is always allow for margins! The best way to prevent issues like people standing around waiting to eat or start a meeting is to allow plenty of margin around timing. This also allows us to make sure you have everything needed on time. If you want to be able to start eating at 11:00 AM, the caterer should arrive at 10:45 AM. This allows plenty of time to get everything set up and ready. As with anything in life, even the best laid plans can go awry but with margin there’s time to figure out another plan!

Order Catering With Mealfit

Mealfit specializes in corporate catering for lunches, dinners, and anything in between. We offer a specially curated menu with so many healthy, well-balanced entrée and side options to suit different dietary needs and give our customers something better than the usual restaurant vendors. Check out our catering menu and contact us to handle your next corporate event so you can get to business.

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