How to Smoke a Filet Mignon

How to Smoke a Filet Mignon

Thomas is going to show you how to smoke a whole filet mignon.  This works great for events you want to impress the guests.



  • Heat a large (14-16 inch) skillet on a Med-High heat (Cast Iron is good if you have one) Take the filet out of the package and season on 1 side liberally with mealfit OG Seasoning. Place the seasoned side of the filet in the heated skillet.
  • Heat the filet for about 90 seconds. You want to have a char on the skillet side.
  • While the filet is in the skillet season the it on the side that is up while in the skillet.
  • After 90 seconds or so, flip the filet over and char the other side.
  • We use a Southern Pride SPK 500 smoker.
  • Load the smoker with Seasoned Cut Wild Cherry Wood.
  • Set the temp to 225 Degrees and let it go for 2 hours.
  • Use an internal meat thermometer to test the internal temp
    • We want the temp for this meat to be between 128 -135. This allows us to heat it to the exact temp we want it to be at.
    • Since the temp is so low you do not have watch it like a hawk.
  • Check it every 20 min after that
  • Put the filet in a hotel pan and wrap it up tight with tin foil until you are ready to serve or slice.

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