How we helped Urban Purpose raise over $100,000

How we helped Urban Purpose raise over $100,000

We recently got the chance to sit down with Mark Jenkins, who runs a non-profit group in town called Urban Purpose. We talked about his story, his ministry, and how Urban Purpose has helped people all over the Birmingham metro area get back on their feet. We have a podcast episode coming out in a few weeks with the entire interview, and we hope you get to listen to it. 

But we were also given the opportunity to cater their yearly banquet, which serves as their primary fundraiser for the entire year. And banquets can be really tricky. For anyone who's ever had to raise a salary or work for a non-profit, you know that asking for money can be just as awkward as it is necessary. And banquets are long, and you're asking people to sit for several hours at a time and then give you money.  


But if there's one thing that we've found from doing these types of fundraising events, it's that there's one thing that really puts people in the giving mood: good food. When we got the call the next day saying that we had helped them raise over 100,000 dollars for their ministry, we were over the moon. 


We'd love to help you out with one of our incredible catering spreads at your next fundraising event. Food is a powerful tool, and we love to use it to help people. 

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