MealFit offers a unique catering experience specializing in delivering and setting up food to your office or any off-site location in Birmingham, AL, and surrounding areas. If you are a pharmaceutical salesperson, medical device representative, or even a pharmacy, Mealfit would love to be your go-to catering service!

Simple Ordering For On-The-Go Reps

Mealfit makes the ordering process super simple with three options. Simply let us know what date & time, how many people, and menu items from our specially-curated menu  — 

We want to offer stress-free ordering so you can focus on your job and not have to worry about the food. All items will be delivered on time, served in dishes that keep food fresh, and set up for you so that it is entirely hassle-free! We will even ensure you have all the information you need for your expense reports.

Delicious Taste, Healthy Options 

While Mealfit makes healthy food a priority, we don't sacrifice taste for health. Our food is made with fresh ingredients and made-to-ordered so you stand out against your peers. We hear people get tired of the catering from the same restaurant over and over again. Give them something different and new! Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others will appreciate your consideration and give you the chance to get the word about your product!

Order Mealfit Pharmaceutical Catering 

Give Mealfit a call, text, or email anytime you are providing food for people and want a stress-free, delicious, and easy-to-order meal delivered and set up for you. We will give you peace of mind knowing you will not run out of food, and it will always be on time!

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