John Maxwell Live Notes

John Maxwell Live Notes

If you are like me you have the best of intentions….You pay to go to a conference and you get yourself a fresh pen and the nice notebook that is either brad new or has lots of pages because you are going to take copious notes that is going to change your business or marriage or whatever the conference is centered around.

At the end of 2017 I went to the John Maxwell Live Conference that is put on by Highlands College in Birmingham Alabama. 

Maxwell was named the most influential leadership expert in the world and it was worth every minute. The only thing I regret is that I did not bring my team to the event with me.

When I sat down, I had all the intentions of taking amazing notes and going back and typing them up and reviewing the because they were so amazing. Guess what.. I actually did it.

Remember in college when you skipped class and you asked the pretty girl you sat next to, to take good notes.  Well I may not be a pretty girl but I took good notes. 

Yes I typed them up and believe it or not I have reviewed them on more than one occasion.

So, here you go. 3 pages of great nuggets and wonderful advice about life and business. 

Good news is he is coming back on Wednesday Dec 5th To Birmingham and will be simulcast to Auburn, Montgomery, Auburn and Tuscaloosa . If you are interested in coming you can get tickets here. I promise it is worth your morning.


Maxwell Notes Dec 2017

What all leaders have in common
  • Leaders see MORE than others see and they see BEFORE others see
  • You have to know there MORE & MORE and MORE BEFORE.


Think in ABUNDANCE not Scarcity.




Creative People always think there is and answer.


Always know there is an answer. Creative people ANTICIPATE.


Always ANTICIPATE that I am going to create something that is going to help someone.


Anticipation is FRIEND and the Ally of Creativity.


Flexibility = Flexible people that are creative always believe there is more than one answer.


NEVER REST ON BEST - BEST is the foundation today for a better TOMORROW. 

There is abundance in front of me.

EVERTHING worthwhile is in front of me.



There is always enough to go around. (Enough money, enough business, enough ideas, enough people to hire,)


When opportunity comes it is too late to prepare. (Real Good )


FENCING IN = Holding on to what I have

FENCING OUT = Look to do and be more


Greatest Deterrent to tomorrows success is TODAYS success.


Develop a process to find more and more and more before



  1. TEST
  2. FAIL
  3. LEARN
  4. IMPROVE (Where Change Begins)


The only people that test are the people who are not satisfied with where they are.


Growth and Potential begins with Awareness.


I have to maximize my gift.


The twin of testing is failure. Learning from failure is where you get better


If you are not on the edge you are taking up too much space


There is no Finish line. When you get to the finish line you are finished.


You GOT to figure out why you failed


Best only works for the moment! (HUGE Remember this)


Put yourself in places and with people that will inspire you.


WHO LUCK (90% intentional and 10 % luck)


Resources only come to you when you are moving


BIG people make you feel BIG. GET AROUND BIG PEOPLE.


Average people want you to stay average


Preparation on the front end and evaluation on the backend, maximizes the time with that person.


Your goal is not to meet the person and take pictures. Put away the camera and ask questions.


Evaluate with in 24 hours every time you are with a mentor.

Don’t go alone if possible


You can’t transfer a great experience; you can only talk about it.


Don’t TEACH your team…GROW with your team.

Ask Questions that will help you know more and more and more before.


I would rather LOOK uniformed than BE uniformed.


Everyone knows something I don’t know.




  1. What do you consider to be your greatest Success?
  2. What do you consider to be your greatest failure?
  3. What are you learning right NOW?
  4. What are you READING right now?
  5. What are you doing that I should do?
  6. Who do you know that I should know?


Ask your kids when they are at an event…

  • What did you LOVE
  • What did you LEARN.


You can’t go up-hill with Down hill habits.




Intentionally Grow Every Day

The Greatest Value of personal Growth is that is increases capacity.

  • Sow Seeds the Benefit others
  • Encouragement is the oxygen to the soul
  • Questions invigorate conversations
  • Don’t fear failure, fear not learning from failure 


Again, he is coming back on Dec 5 2018 so if you can you need to put it on your calendar 

You can get tickets here. Promise, you will not regret it.

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