Mealfit Southern Pride Smoker Review

Mealfit Southern Pride Smoker Review

Hey, my name is Jason Bowman. I pastor a church in Carrollton, Georgia and we wanted to do a huge event. We wanted to feed hundreds, maybe even thousands of people at an event in the middle of our town and so we had a little bit of an issue. The issue was how are we going to feed that many people, prepare most of the food on site, and do so in a way and which the food was going to be quality. 

We looked around, we did some research, and for us, the best option, without a doubt, ended up being Thomas Cox and

What we found was a top of the line smoker. We worked with people who ended up being not able to just give us top of the line equipment, but Thomas and his guys at Mealfit ended up being top of the line kind of people.

They brought us the smoker, ready to go. They went over the instructions; how to use it. They also, because of their experience in catering, they also were able to tell us things that were just beneficial to us so the event was successful.

They hold us how to prep the food. They gave us clean up tips. They told us when to put the food on, how to take it off, how to keep it warm without losing the flavor. They gave us wonderful information on how to serve the food.

So if you need to prepare a lot of food outdoors, to do so in a way in which people are going to be able to enjoy the food and the experience and in which you have to do the least amount of work, Thomas Cox at is the way to go.

Top of the line equipment. Top of the line service. Top of the line people. We could not be happier and I highly recommend Thomas Cox at Mealfit.

This Southern Pride takes all the guesswork out of the cooking for your next big event, guaranteed to be a huge hit.

  • $450 Per Weekend (Friday afternoon drop off and Sunday afternoon Pick up)
  • $1.67 Per mile Delivery and pick up fee (with a min of $50)
  • + Security deposit ($300 Refundable 2 days after returned)

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