Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly

 *Enough for 25 Pork Chops



  • 2 sticks of butter 
  • ½  cup olive oil 
  • tbsp all-purpose flour 
  • ¼  cup jarred sliced jalapeno peppers
  • tbs of white vinegar
  • 2 cups Chicken Broth 
  • 2 – 11 oz jars of Trader Joe's Pepper Jelly



  1. Warm the oil and melt  ½  stick of butter in a skillet 
  2. Add the flour and jalapeno peppers and stir until the flour is dissolved and is slightly browned
  3. Add the white vinegar and chicken broth, and stir until thickened 
  4. Add pepper jelly and stir until combined 
  5. Add rest of the butter (1 ½ sticks) and stir until melted and dissolved
  6. Serve on top of pork chops - enjoy!

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