Drool-Worthy Graduation Brunch Grazing Table

Drool-Worthy Graduation Brunch Grazing Table

This white party brunch featured a grazing table equipped with a yogurt parfait station and muffins! We had blueberry muffins along with banana bread muffins. The banana bread muffins were filled with banana ganache. We placed them on a white multi-tiered platter for varied height in our catering display.

Muffins and grazing table.

muffins on tiered platter.

For the yogurt station, we used full fat vanilla yogurt, gluten free granola, and berries. We placed the strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries in a white bowl to match the white party aesthetic. The gluten free granola and vanilla yogurt were in matching white bowls. The parfaits were served in glass cups. You might think this didn’t fit the white theme, but the glass cups were beautifully white once the yogurt was inside.

 parfait station.

This party featured some unique grazing table ideas. It had a grazing table menu written in white on an acrylic sign, along with a large charcuterie board. A white dish placed on the charcuterie board held croissants high above the beautiful fruit, meat, and cheese spread. We even hollowed a pineapple to hold fruit in a beautiful display.

Grazing table.

Grazing table and parfait station.

Text By Thomas Cox and Martha Kendall Custard 

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