See How Easily you Can Have an Incredible Breakfast for your Event

See How Easily you Can Have an Incredible Breakfast for your Event

Every now and again, you get asked to do an event that's extra special. For this particular event, we were asked to serve food at the annual John Maxwell event hosted by Highlands College. Anytime you cater to one of these kinds of events, the level of excellence is elevated just a little bit. 

And in this case, we were asked to set up a yogurt bar for breakfast. We served our yogurt with toppings ranging from fresh fruit to chocolate chips, pure honey, and our famous gluten-free, made-from-scratch granola.

We've said it numerous times on our blog and in our social media posts: you can eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth.

This set up needed to be amazing. One of the ways you can make any buffet look extravagant is to add flowers and greenery.

We wanted to have a station that was double-sided and had all of the items on each side. On one side, we had individual cups of yogurt so that people didn't have to dip it themselves. But, on the other side, we wanted to give the clients the option to dip as much as they wanted.

Set up is critical. It has to flow well, and you have to stick to anything when it comes to serving dishes. 

For this event, we chose to use clear trifle bowls for all of the toppings and white ceramic bowls for the yogurt. We chose clear pedestal cups to serve the yogurt in, along with clear plastic utensils. At an event like this, it's always best to use disposable items. The centerpiece was magnificent, decorated with full fresh granary, lilies, and roses. We decided to go with the gray tablecloth as opposed to a white or black.

This event turned out as well as we could have hoped, and we could not have been happier with the presentation or with the quality of food served. And neither will you!

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