Seeing this wonderful bread pudding will make your mouth water

Seeing this wonderful bread pudding will make your mouth water

From time to time, we get asked to do private events at people's homes. Typically when this happens, I give the client a blank slate and have them tell me exactly what they want us to do.

For this event, we did a party for about 20 people.

They wanted nice appetizers for the beginning of the evening while everyone gathered, sat around, drank a glass of wine, mingled, and enjoyed each other.

For the appetizers:

We served a hand-battered, hand-cut chicken finger with a bamboo skewer stuck through the chicken. We placed the chicken in a clear appetizer cup with our special made-from-scratch "sweet heat" sauce in the bottom.

The presentation looked amazing, and it tasted even better.

Next, we took a French baguette and sliced it thinly. We seasoned it and baked it to a slight char on both sides of the bread. We then put our homemade pimento cheese on top. On top of the pimento, we laced it with our homemade bacon jam.

Lastly, for the appetizers, we presented a bacon-wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapeño pepper.

All three of these appetizers were a huge hit.

We will get to the main entrée in another article. But for now, let’s skip to dessert.

For dessert, we served an overnight soaked bread pudding. The bread was cut from a French baguette, broken into pieces, and soak overnight in our bread pudding mixture.

We then baked it in a cylinder so that it was in a form when we took it out. We topped it with a pecan glaze and fresh, made-from-scratch whipped cream.

Overall, this event was amazing, and our clients were more than happy with the presentation and taste of all of our food.


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