The #1 Way To WOW Your Guests

The #1 Way To WOW Your Guests

Many times people create products out of necessity or out of a need. When we sit down with clients at mealfit, we give them a catering menu, but as I am handing it to them I tell them that 60% of the items we make and serve are not on our menu. We do this because the #1 thing we want to do is serve our clients. With the popularity of Pinterest, many people walk into a consultation about an event and they have in their mind what they want because they have searched and scrolled their ideal party.

So my number 1 job as the owner is to LISTEN - listen to what you, as the client wants. Many times they come to us because they have had our food at an event and they loved it. Then they call and we meet and they want to know if we can do what they want. Most all the time the answer is yes.

I have been asked by clients on multiple occasions for food items that people can eat during a party or gathering that can be filing and take the place of a meal. I was looking for a catering item that would last a long time sitting out, but not need to heated or cooled. I wanted it to look amazing, because people always eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouth.

I wanted a buffet but I wanted to get away from chaffing dishes because many people do not like the look of a chaffing dish at parties. So I came up with a “Grazing Table” - I would love to say I came up with this on my own, but I didn’t. I got this idea doing some research on some companies in Australia.Think a buffet of appetizers that are heavy enough to be a meal, but the display looks so good you don’t want to eat it.
Every serial entertainer knows it: there’s no easier way to impress and satisfy guests than with an amazing grazing table.
I’ve put together some tips for making your own. Or if you don’t want to make your own, we do this for a living so we are more than happy to come to your home or office for your next gathering!
The one we are featuring in this post is a brunch grazing table, so we are going to go with more of a mid morning thought with what we are doing. Here are some tips if you want to make your own Grazing Table:
  1. Mix It Up
    Choose a variety of fresh fruits, breads, cheeses and yogurts then add plenty of enhancements. Fruit dips, fig bars and some dried fruits all work well.

  2. Location is Key
    Place your grazing table in a central place with enough space for people to connect. Sharing is all part of the fun, and you never know whom you might meet.

  3. Display + Serve
    Colored butcher paper or a wooden cutting board is a great way to keep the look casual and rustic. Marble platters, porcelain bowls, cake stands, and even enamel baking trays all look great on a crisp white tablecloth. In this picture we used a peach butcher paper.

  4. Throw in some color
    Add some kale or foliage for varying color to your table. This can also fill in space so there is not any dead space on your table.

  5. Scatter
    Scatter some nuts, crackers and sprigs of herbs. Dip a spoon into the fruit dip. Guests are guaranteed to feel more comfortable about digging in if things already look a little gotten into.
We made this Grazing table for a group that was doing a baby shower. This was a 10 am start time and we set this out for all the guests to “graze” and have a good time. Grazing tables are wonderful for parties where you don’t want to formalize a gathering. This type of eating encourages connections and mingling.
Again, give this a shot at your next gathering or if this task looks to daunting and you want a professional to do it call us, we would love to work with you and provide an amazing service and the most eye popping display you have ever laid your eyes on.

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