The Evolution of UAB's Strength and Conditioning Guru

The Evolution of UAB's Strength and Conditioning Guru

Lyle Henley's done a little bit of everything in the strength and conditioning world. And now he's balancing training the Conference USA champions and spending time with his wonderful family. 

A gifted athlete from Arkansas, he played on both sides of the ball at Louisiana Tech in the early 2000s. Just a couple of short years later, he was the head strength and conditioning coach at his alma mater, now coaching a lot of the athletes he had been playing alongside. 

He's branched out into the private sector, owned and operated a successful training company, and trained some of the most gifted athletes in the world. Several NFL players come back to UAB during their offseason just to train with Lyle and his influence at UAB has played a large part in their historic resurgence. 

But his family has always played a huge part in his success and in the decisions he's made to try and further his career. Whether it was during his time in collegiate athletics or training athletes for his own company, he has always prioritized being able to spend time with his family. He's had to be disciplined to make that happen, to the point that he won't say yes to social engagements unless he can bring his kids with him. 

Lyle is an incredible strength coach that Coach Bill Clark credits a lot of UAB's recent success to. But more than that, he's an example of how to balance a high level of success in the workplace with the same level of success at home.

To hear our whole interview with Lyle, check out the video below, and be sure to look out for our podcast episode with Lyle in a couple of weeks!

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