Three Life-Changing Benefits of using Mealfit

Three Life-Changing Benefits of using Mealfit

Three Life-Changing Benefits of Using Mealfit

We know you’re busy…we can help! We already know Mealfit provides real, healthy food that tastes delicious, but what else can we bring to the table? Keep reading to learn three ways Mealfit services can make your life easier. 


Mealfit has a wide selection of pre-made meals ready to be heated up and eaten! Mealfit is ready in five minutes compared to long hours that can go into prepping and cooking or time spent sitting at a crowded restaurant. 

Whether you’re a working mom of three or a young professional on the go, your time is valuable. You probably don’t have the time to cook or meal prep all week, and that’s ok. Let’s break down exactly how much time we can save you:

Mealfit = FIVE minutes

Cooking = One hour minimum plus prep and planning time depending on # of people

Dining Out = One and a half hour minimum depending on the restaurant & time of day

TOTAL TIME SAVED: 55 minutes minimum per meal!

Individual healthy meals are made to order and available for pickup at so many convenient locations throughout the Birmingham area.


Eating out can really add up, especially if you’re feeding more than just yourself. We all know prices are up across the board, which can really put a stressor on everything. 

The last thing you should have to worry about is how much you are spending on food for you or your family. Mealfit is here to help.

Mealfit’s products have affordable options all around. Individual meals and weekly specials can roughly range from only $8 to $12 a person. Our by-the-pound order options are even cheaper! From grilled chicken to roasted sweet potatoes, these can end up costing as low as $4 a person



Ever heard that meal prepping can save you so much effort, but don’t feel like buying in bulk and prepping every week? Let us do it for you! Purchase from us ahead of time, throw it in the fridge and BOOM. Dinner for every night this week is done. 

Avoid having to worry about long wait times, parking hassles, and spending gas money.  Dining out can be a hit or miss because of the chances of service quality issues and poor atmosphere, but Mealfit hits every time with minimal effort. Swing by the gym to pick up your order instead of making a last minute trip to the grocery store.  

Still want variety without the effort? We also have unique specials that change weekly! 

 At Mealfit we strive to help you live a healthier lifestyle that works for you. By providing pre-made healthy options, we can save you time, money, and effort all year long.  


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