Why you are doing the Keto Diet Wrong

Why you are doing the Keto Diet Wrong

Hey guys, so we're talking about something today that has been super-hot in the news here as of late and it's just the thing right now that everybody's doing, whether it be fitness people who are into CrossFit, or even bodybuilders, or just soccer moms that are just wanting to change the way they eat.  

Here's why you're probably doing the keto diet wrong, okay? Years ago, three or four years ago before keto was even out, we experimented with this thing, because I thought that as my job of advising people on what the thoughts of how to eat and what to do for a healthy lifestyle I needed to try this thing so I tried it twice. One time it worked and one time it didn't but here are the reasons why you're probably doing it wrong.

Number one is you're not getting enough fat. So 75% of your calories have to be from fat. Now when people think of fat they don't totally understand. It has to be from fat not fat and protein but fat because about 20% of your calories need to be from protein but what people think is, "I can eat steak or I can eat bacon and I can get all my fat." You're getting a lot of fat with those things, no question. But what happens if you're also getting a lot of protein so the first mistake is people are not getting enough fat, they're not eating things like coconut oil, avocados, butter, cheese and things like that. Most of the time things that have fat also have protein in them. So the first mistake they're making is they're not getting enough fat.

The second mistake is they're eating too much protein. So when you eat too much protein you have an insulin rise because your body can't process it all, okay?

So when you have an insulin rise you don't go into ketosis and so what happens if you're getting into that ketosis state like you're thinking you're getting into it. And so people are eating too much protein which slows off their percentage numbers of what you need to be eating. So you need to 70, 20 and 10, 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. And so they're getting off of that and one of the things to it takes a while to get into ketosis. It's not like a thing where I've done it for two days and I'm in ketosis. No. It takes a while, five, six, eight, nine, 12 days sometimes to get into that ketosis state. The third mistake people are making is they cheat. Ketosis is one of those things where you can't cheat because if you cheat you get out of ketosis. You get a couple of donuts, you're done, you gotta work days to get back into ketosis where it's just not realistic.

So do I just hate the keto diet? No, I just don't think it's sustainable. I don't think it's something that you can do and have a sustainable life all the time. I think the thing is that eating real food and moving is the way to have a sustained healthy lifestyle but people don't want to do that because it's something that takes longer. It's something that's harder. All these people are really doing if they're doing the ketogenic diet in a lot of ways, in a lot of ways, are just old school Atkins. That's all they're doing because all they're doing is having super low carb, super high protein, super high fat, and it's just a cycle again. It's just Atkins was really cool for a while and then people thought it's bad for you. Then now all ketosis is cool. And there's been studies out there that said the ketogenic is helpful with epilepsy and different things like that and there are a lot of legitimate things out there that this diet will help with but they're very, very small.

But the general population for normal people, 95% of the people on this planet, a normal diet, a normal way of life eating, is the best thing for you. So these are the three reasons why you're probably doing the keto diet wrong, is number one, not enough fat. Number two, too much protein in your diet and number three, cheat. Have any questions, any comments, any negative remarks, I'd love to hear them. Email me info@mealfit.co or put the comments below.

I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks, guys.



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