Why you should drink a smoothie every day

Why you should drink a smoothie every day

A few months ago, I was doing the Daniel Fast, and needed to find a way to eat vegan, especially in the morning. For a lot of people, this kind of necessity extends past any fast or diet. And honestly, even now that I've been done with the Daniel Fast for a while, I still drink a smoothie every day, because they're just so good for you. Here are a few reasons why, and a video to show you how to make your own smoothie!

You can get a ton of vegetables in really easily

I put two cups of kale AND two cups of spinach into my smoothie every morning. That's four cups worth of two incredibly nutrient-dense vegetables before you even leave the house in the morning. And if you're worried about how that might taste, we add fruit juice and frozen berries to the mix so the veggies can be blended in. Especially if you have a good blender, you can pack in almost an entire day's worth of nutrients into one smoothie without even noticing them. 

It's easy and fast

Do you have to get up and get out of the house quickly in the morning? These smoothies take a few minutes to make at the most. You can even bring it with you in the car to cut down on time even more. My whole family drinks these shakes in the morning; they're that easy to prepare. Most people also don't want to have to make decisions in the morning, and we get that. You can keep a few different types of ingredients around the kitchen, but knowing what you're going to have in the morning can help eliminate a lot of that decision fatigue. 

It's real food

You know this is a big deal for us: if you do them right, smoothies are full of real food. Like we said earlier, smoothies are a great way to get a high amount of the vitamins and minerals you get from fruits and vegetables. There are no artificial ingredients in the smoothies that I make, and it's a very easy way to get real food into one of your meals throughout the day. 


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