Yellow Branch Plantation: Private Meal

Yellow Branch Plantation: Private Meal

A group visiting from Texas found Yellow Branch Plantation through Third Home. Third Home is a platform second homeowners can use to stay in other people’s vacation homes. To use the platform, you put your vacation home on the website and allow people to stay there in exchange for your ability to stay at their luxury vacation homes. Yellow Branch is a luxurious venue with breathtaking views and natural beauty just minutes from Birmingham.

 Yellow Branch Plantation Home


Yellow Branch Plantation


Yellow Branch Plantation

When visiting Yellow Branch, the group requested a private meal and we were happy to oblige. We started out with a shrimp martini appetizer. The shrimp were marinated overnight in a delicious homemade sauce with freshly squeezed orange and lime. They were served on a martini glass with the sauce inside. We also provided a homemade cocktail sauce and remoulade.

Shrimp martini

For the second appetizer, we served crab cakes. We sautéed and baked the crab cakes and served them with a fresh remoulade on top.

Crab cakes.
Next, we served a smoked salmon Caesar salad. We used freshly chopped romaine and croutons made from our own homemade sour bread.

Smoked salmon caesar salad.
For the main course, we served smoked filet mignon with our famous jasmine rice, broccoli, and butternut squash au gratin. The broccoli was blanched then sautéed. We paired our main course with fresh bread.

 Smoked filet mignon, jasmine rice, broccolini, and butternut squash au gratin.

For dessert, we made a delicious bread pudding. We soaked the bread pudding overnight then baked it in a cylinder. We topped it with a pecan glaze and served it with Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream. The meal was a great success!

Bread pudding with pecan glaze.

Text By Thomas Cox and Martha Kendall Custard 

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