Your New Favorite Kitchen Knife

Your New Favorite Kitchen Knife

Not only is this is a good knife, but it also has great packaging. Packaging is not really a big deal to me, although it does give the company a little more validity. This knife comes in a beautiful case which shows me how much the company cares about their product and customers.

So, now, lets talk about the knife itself.

It's a good knife with a GREAT handle. I got the 8-inch knife and really had no expectations as to how I would feel about it. I have a SHUN Knife already, and I love it. I ordered this knife because it is a little longer. The size of the handle is awesome and makes it easy to cut whatever I need.

It is a damascus steel knife with a long black handle. It has a clean edge that cuts very, very well, always executing a clean line. I would highly recommend this as either a home knife or a kitchen knife along with a good whetstone.

We also did a more extensive video review. Check it out here.

And click HERE to check out the Tokageh Knife.

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