5 French Sauces That Should Become a Staple in Your Home

5 French Sauces That Should Become a Staple in Your Home

How much do you know about the five mother sauces? Since the early 1900s veloute (blond sauce), béchamel (white sauce), tomato (red sauce), hollandaise, (butter sauce), and espagnole (brown sauce) have been the foundation for other sauces. So how do you use them at home and how are they made? We are here to help you figure that out. 


The simplest of the five, veloute is considered to be the first mother sauce. Only three ingredients are needed to make this delectable, light sauce: white stock( chicken, veal, or fish), butter, and flour. Zifchack, executive chef of Café Boulud in New York tells us to, "melt the butter and flour to form a roux. Slowly pour the hot stock into the roux and whisk until smooth." See it is that easy! From there, you can use the sauce of a gravy base or a soup.


Veloute Recipe


Have you ever had mac and cheese or potato gratin? Well if you have then you have had béchamel sauce. A creamy, velvety white sauce made with butter, flour, hot milk, white pepper, and salt bases many comfort foods. Known as a "glue sauce" this thick rich sauce should be a staple in any house. 

Béchamel Recipe


The most well-known of the five sauces, tomato sauce is made with canned whole peeled tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, and bay leaf. This notorious sauce, is found covering pasta, a side dip and so many other staple meals. It is sold in the store, but try making it homemade next time, you won't regret it.

Basic Tomato Sauce Recipe 


If your mind goes straight to eggs benedict like mine you know this sauce. This classic butter sauce is made from egg yolk, clarified butter, lemon juice, water, salt, and white pepper. Hollandaise can elevate any plain dish with its richness and acidity. It is the basis for béarnaise sauce and maltaise. Instead of making eggs benedict a restaurant meal make it at home and turn it into a tradition. 

Hollandaise Recipe


A brown sauce made with veal stock, mirepoix, garlic, butter, flour, tomato paste, and herbs, this sauce is the base to two classics. The desired consistency is only achieved when the sauce is simmering for about two hours and develop flavor. It is worth the wait, I promise.

Espagnole Recipe

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Credit : Kelly Vaughan- Martha Stewart Food and Cooking