4th of July Flag Fruit Dessert

4th of July Flag Fruit Dessert

Most all of us love the 4th of July for the family, summer fun, water, and all the food. 

We are taking advantage of the time of the year and all the fresh fruit. We are also slipping in a healthier option for what I like to call a grazing holiday. 

This is the type of holiday where people will sit around the lake, beach, or pool and graze all day. 

This is an easy recipe that you can get someone who always wants to help to do for you. 


5-6 cups of red fresh fruit. (I used cherries, strawberries, and raspberries)

2 cups of blueberries

3 cups of yogurt or white chocolate covered pretzels



  1. Wash fresh fruit and dry. Lay out fruit and pretzels to represent the flag stripes, and place a small bowl of blueberries on the top left. 

Summer hack: this recipe works great for Labor Day and Memorial Day, too! 

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