Ground Turkey Taco Stuffed Avocados

Ground Turkey Taco Stuffed Avocados




  • In a large skillet drizzle 2 T. olive oil and saute bell pepper, onion and ½ t. salt over medium heat for 3-5 minutes, or until tender.
  • Add ground turkey and continue cooking for another 2-4 minutes, or until turkey is almost completely cooked (unless meat is already cooked, then just reheat in skillet).


  • In a small bowl toss together the taco seasoning ingredients. Sprinkle over almost cooked ground turkey mixture and continue cooking over low-medium heat for 2 minutes.
  • Remove skillet from heat and stir in cheese.

  • Fill each avocado half with ~2-3 T. ground turkey taco mixture. Sprinkle with green onions and serve immediately.



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