Current location: Cookeville, TN

About mealfit

We take the question of
“What’s for dinner” out of your vocabulary.

We specialize in making your life easier. We want to take the stigma out of healthy food tasting bad. We take a southern style and make it healthier than your typical down south cuisine. We also offer some vegetarian options on out mealfit READY and mealfit catering options.

Mealfit Plans

mealfit plans is where the company began. By providing a detailed meal plan for the busy individual, the soccer mom, or the 60-hour-a-week executive, eating healthier at home has never been easier.

mealfit plans has easy recipes with a complimentary grocery list for easier grocery store shopping. This digital, downloadable plan helps thousands of people in over 25 countries every week.

Mealfit READY

This menu changes weekly. Order online for hot-and-ready pick up each Monday. With a ten week rotation, two meals (in half or whole options) offer savory, healthy spins to some of the most 'common' dishes. Think pizza - made healthy with a fresh cauliflower crust that tastes better than store bought!

Vegetarian? Whole30? mealfit ready and mealfit catering have options that fulfill these eating styles as well.

Mealfit PREP

This weekly option is food, made in bulk, so it can be portioned out for macro counts or simply help out that busy mom by always having cooked food in the fridge at the ready. Menu selections are the same every week so meal planning can begin even before pickup on Tuesday!

Fitness starts in the kitchen. Join the mealfit community and experience a better quality of life with us!

Our Founder

Thomas Cox is a college football coach turned global phenomenon. He is a husband, father, mentor and life changer.

He began his business, mealfit, in 2013 from his kitchen table. A friend came to him with a dilemma of how to eat healthy so Thomas used his expertise in meal planning to help. This quickly turned into a lucrative business.

mealfit is a company founded on making eating easier and healthier. Thomas feels motivating people through food and lifestyle is the way he can truly impact this world.

As a businessman, Thomas has grown a very successful online, retail and catering business through his holistic grassroots approach. He has seen his profits double every year with the help of his expanding knowledge of marketing and customer service. Any business would like to learn how to turn customers into disciples and Thomas has done this across the board with each facet of mealfit .

He has an amazing wife, Jackie, and 3 wonderful kids; Johnna (8) Teagen (5) and Jorja (1) so Thomas understands what it is like to be busy at home with kids. With that in mind, mealfit specializes in making your life easier. mealfit takes the stigma out of healthy food tasting 'bad' using a southern style and making it healthier than your typical "down south" cuisine.