4 Strategies for Successful Meal Prep

4 Strategies for Successful Meal Prep

4 Strategies for successful meal prep

  1. Don’t get fancy
  2. Same breakfast every morning
  3. Buy containers
  4. Keep fruit on hand

SO there is so much out there now about meal prep.  Let's not make this more complicated than it is. The hardest part is planning it out.


The other part is…Whos right? The plan that is right is the one you stick to and implement it daily.

SO we have broken this thing down to make it simple.

So here are the 4 Strategies for successful meal prep

Don’t get fancy!

Stick to 2 things for your lunches and dinners.  Have two things and make them. Mix them in throughout the week.  Make it mindless, don't make it hard. If you are the person who does not eat leftovers, then you have other issues you need to work out.  We have countless recipes on our blog that you can pull from to make your life easier. Be simple and eat the same thing daily, it will make your life so much easier

Eat the same thing for breakfast every day

Eating the same breakfast each day is a practice that is taken up by so many successful people it's not even funny.

Nick the most successful football coach eats the same thing every morning,

It helps make your morning mindless, which is a huge part of a successful morning and successful day.

Have it all planned out, so you don’t have to think about it? If you have to think about it, you are more likely to make a mistake

Buy Containers

This is a universal problem.  You have 30 Tupperware bowls, and 17 lids and only 4 of them match

Spend the $15-20 on some containers that match and that the lid will stay on. It is worth the money. They have glass and plastic out there, to match your lifestyle.

Keep Fruit on Hand

Fruit is so right on so many levels, and it helps stifle the sweet tooth. Not to mention it is adding fiber to your diet which makes you feel full.

When you do not have something to hold you over for another hour before dinner, you need an apple or banana to keep you from going stupid.

These are things that we have practiced for years at our home, and they have saved us on so many levels.  Doing one thing right now and then will not make you successful, it's doing the small things right on a consistent basis that will make you successful.

If you don’t want to cook the food yourself and you are in Birmingham We do meal prep for you that you can pick up on Mondays and have food all week long.


Love to hear your thoughts email us at info@mealfit.co

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