6 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

6 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

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Calories are quite an enigma.

And finding ways to burn them seems impossible! But with these helpful tips, you’ll be losing weight in no time! 

Calories never seem to make any sense. All we’re really ever taught about them is that they are bad, but why? Why should we try to avoid them and why should we try to burn them to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight? Well, there are real reasons for this that once they’re understood, it can be a lot easier to manage calories. Firstly, a calorie is a way to measure the amount of energy in something. Our bodies convert food into energy and use that as a power source so that we are able to do everything we need and love to do in our lives. It’s essentially like how much liquid is in an ounce or how much sugar weighs to equal a gram. A certain food has so much energy and an excess of that unit means you’ve got too much energy to spend and it goes into storage, that’s kind of why we end up gaining weight. Most dieticians and personal trainers would recommend a calorie-deficit diet and exercise plan for anyone wanting to shape up, and this is because the best way to lose the excess is to use it all up! That is much easier said than done. Which is why we compiled 6 simple and easy ways to burn 100 calories! 



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1. Running

Running is definitely an all-or-nothing type of activity. Most people either love it or hate it and anyone on the fence probably just doesn’t want to admit how they really feel about it. Regardless of how you feel about it, it is undeniably beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, especially if someone is trying to lose weight. The good news is that you don’t need to spend an exuberant amount of time running to see results (especially if you don’t enjoy it)! According to a Harvard study, the average person can jog at a pace of 5 miles per hour (or a 12 minute-mile) and burn about 100 calories! There are definitely different variables that play into just how much energy you can burn up like age, weight, and more, but it’s definitely a hopeful start! 


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2. Climb Stairs

Another dreaded activity for many: stairs. Anyone that played sports in middle school and high school may have some not-so-fond memories of hours spent running up and down and up and down the seemingly endless bleacher stairs, but at least you were healthy and active! Just like a short jog, a short burst of stairs can really beef up your exercise routine and health. The average person walking up and down their stairs for about 10 minutes at a time can burn around 100 calories! This is an easy and effective way to add more exercise into your daily routine without making a huge time commitment! 



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3. Walking

There’s nothing like a relaxing walk in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings to clear your head and enjoy some ‘me’ time. Luckily, this actually is a great way to burn calories! Based on an average walking speed of 3 miles per hour, most people can burn about 100 calories by taking a 20-25 minute walk around their neighborhood! This is really a win-win because it gets you up and going as well as giving you a chance to relax in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  


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4. Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn’t just for children, it’s actually an awesome and fun way to shed pounds quickly! It takes a lot more energy than you’d expect, which is why it only takes 7 minutes to burn about 100 calories! It may be fun, but most people tire out pretty quick, making it a super effective exercise option, especially for anyone that struggles to find the time to workout!  



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5. Cycling

Another great way to burn calories is by cycling. Whether it’s on an actual bicycle or an exercise machine at home or at the gym, cycling is a fun and easy method of staying fit and active. Harvard has found that the average person can burn around 100 calories while cycling or biking at an average rate of 12 miles per hour for around 13 minutes. This is hardly a time commitment at all and definitely is good for your heart and health! 



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6. Yoga

Your brain is another essential organ that your body needs to function. That means you have to put in work to make sure your brain has everything it needs to be healthy, which can’t always be an easy thing to fit into your schedule. This method is a bit more of a time commitment, but it’s definitely worth it. Taking some time to breathe and connect with your mind and body can not only help you ease and manage stress, anxiety, depression, and more, but it can also help you burn around 100 calories in just over 30 minutes

It’s not always easy to find ways to burn calories, lose weight, and prioritize your health, but with tips like these you’ll be well on your way! 

We hope you enjoy this list of Ways to Burn 100 Calories. If you tried incorporating these things into your regular routine, make sure to let us know! For more recipes, follow us on social media and make sure to check out our weekly blog posts where we share our new favorite recipes and must-know facts about food and living a healthy lifestyle! Check out the other meal options Mealfit provides such as our Weekly Specials, Individual Meals, and other Meals by the Pound.

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