5 Kitchen Tools We Cannot Live Without

5 Kitchen Tools We Cannot Live Without

5 Must Have Kitchen Items

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The kitchen is central to a happy, healthy, and functioning home. 

Does your kitchen have everything you need to keep your home life afloat?

Just like how every family’s home is unique, every family’s kitchen is adorned with individual taste, both in decor and in the food created there. Regardless of the type of family you may have, there are certain tools or items that are pretty much a basic necessity to have in the kitchen. 

We’ve explored some of the things in our own kitchens and examined what we’ve found we absolutely cannot live without. Of course, these things aren’t the only kitchen essentials that exist, but they are perfect for any and every family to utilize! They are extremely useful for making food so much easier to manage, and they are reliable and long-lasting items that will quickly become staples in your home! 

Mealfit’s founder, Thomas Cox, has compiled the items he uses every day in his Amazon shopping list, Must Have Kitchen Items. If you’re interested in seeing his other recommendations, feel free to browse his other lists here! In the meantime, let’s explore these 5 kitchen tools that we can’t live without! 


reusable food storage containers

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1. Reusable Food Storage Containers

Whether you’re a fan of meal-prepping or not, having sturdy, reliable storage containers for food is an absolute must. No one wants to spend hours putting together a delicious meal for their family, only to have nowhere to store the leftovers! Wrapping tin foil over leftovers in a casserole dish may be a temporary solution, but it’s no way to keep food in good and healthy conditions for long. Tupperware is a great solution to this issue, but depending on how heavy your use of food storage is, they can lose their shine pretty quickly. And no one is particularly happy about the dreaded red sauce stain that lingers on tupperware after spaghetti night. These 32 ounce containers offer a unique advantage due to their design! They are made to be much more durable and withstand heavy-duty use better compared to most other storage methods, and they are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe! They have a lot to offer when it comes to optimizing your food storage, and you can learn more and order them here

Cookie spatula

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2. Quality Spatulas

This may go without saying, but having a good quality spatula can really make or break your morning eggs. In fact, the quality of your spatula can actually impact nearly any food that it touches! With cheaply made spatulas, you run the risk of garnishing your meals with melted plastic. Luckily, these sturdy silicone spatulas are made with stainless steel and designed to handle up to 600 degrees (F) and to keep you out of the heat! These non-stick spatulas are perfect for 5-star eggs or Grandma’s cookies and are easily taken care of since they are dishwasher safe! See what else these spatulas have to offer by visiting their order page here

himalayan pink salt

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3. Himalayan Pink Salt

Alright, salt isn’t a tool like spatulas or storage containers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not vital to your kitchen! Salt is a standard for any spice cabinet, but some salts are definitely better than others. After making the switch from regular table salt to Himalayan pink salt, you're bound to see a difference in the quality and flavor of food made in your kitchen! There are a few health benefits associated with Himalayan pink salt as well, mostly relating to the higher concentrations of minerals and trace elements and much less overall processing than other types of salt. Not only does Himalayan pink salt add some color variety to your spice cabinet, but there are a range of other qualities that you can read more about and order your own here

coffee maker

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4. Coffee Percolator

For most people, coffee is a huge part of their morning routine. It wakes you up and gets you ready to take on your day, so having a bitter, grainy cup of coffee probably won’t get you in the right headspace for the day ahead. The quality of your coffee can play a part in the quality of your overall day, so it’s best not to mess around. Having a reliable coffee maker is a must for most families, and if you haven’t quite found ‘the one’ or are looking to retire ‘ol’ reliable,’ this Hamilton Beach Percolator is perfect for you! Made out of stainless steel, this coffee maker delivers hot, delicious coffee quickly in a stress-free and mess-free way. The cool touch handle allows for easy handling without risk of burns and the no-drip spout makes pouring a breeze! You can read more about this coffee maker and order your own here

cast iron skillet

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5. A Well-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet

No home is complete without a beloved cast-iron skillet. Even in 2021, cast-iron skillets are still widely hailed as one of the most beneficial items to have in the kitchen! When it comes to taking care of cast iron, seasoning is of the utmost importance. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of such a reliable and versatile utensil, you don’t have to look far to find a quality and pre-seasoned option! These Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets by Lodge even feature a silicone handle to make handling easier! Seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, the manufacturers boast these skillets will only get better with use and age. Learn more about these kitchen staples and order yours here

Having some reliable tools can make life for any family so much easier and more enjoyable, and if by any chance someone didn’t have their hands on any of these kitchen essentials, we wanted to share our advice! These are only a few of our favorite must-have kitchen items, but we couldn’t wait to share them with you! To see some of the other items our founder recommends, check out his Amazon lists here! If you ordered any of the items we recommended, or you have your own versions of these items that have benefitted you over the years, be sure to let us know and share your experiences! 

We hope you enjoy this article for 5 Kitchen Tools We Cannot Live Without. If you tried incorporating these things into your regular routine, make sure to let us know! For more recipes, follow us on social media and make sure to check out our weekly blog posts where we share our new favorite recipes and must-know facts about food and living a healthy lifestyle! Check out the other meal options Mealfit provides such as our Weekly Specials, Individual Meals, and other Meals by the Pound.


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