3 Reasons YOU Should be Eating Peanuts!

3 Reasons YOU Should be Eating Peanuts!

Peanuts and their health benefits mealfit 

Peanuts can offer you so much more than a crunchy snack or a creamy butter.  

Let’s explore what else they have to offer! 

Peanuts garnered quite the reputation thanks to the work and dedication of the American scientist George Washington Carver and his goal of finding a solution to a growing soil depletion problem during the 20th century. Peanuts have a unique set of properties that allow for numerous uses ranging from peanut butter to shaving cream, but for the sake of simplicity and sticking to our health-food niche, we’re going to focus on peanuts and their role in a healthy diet. 

There are a lot of reasons you should be incorporating peanuts into your meals, as long as you don’t have a nut allergy, of course, so let’s explore some of those reasons together! 

3 Reasons YOU Should be Eating Peanuts!

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Peanuts are Great for Lowering Cholesterol.

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 40% of the U.S. population deals with high cholesterol on a daily basis. High cholesterol increases risk for some serious health complications, including heart attack, stroke, and more. For a lot of people, minimizing cholesterol levels is a daily struggle to stay healthy, and finding the right foods to make that possible is incredibly important! 

Peanuts, luckily, are one of these foods! Peanuts naturally contain no cholesterol, meaning they are a great, easy, and quick snack option for anyone at risk for cardiovascular issues as long as they are enjoyed in moderation! 

3 Reasons YOU Should be Eating Peanuts!

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Peanuts are Gluten-Free.

Whether you are participating in a gluten-free diet or not, odds are, you’ve probably heard the buzz around the topic. Contrary to some narratives, there are a number of reasons people choose to skip gluten in their diet, aside from simply following trends. Celiacs and those that suffer from irritable bowel disease are prone to serious complications when consuming food containing gluten, so gluten-free foods and alternatives can be really important. Regardless of your reason for choosing to reduce the gluten in your life, peanuts are a great food option! Not only because they are naturally gluten-free, but because they are also packed with other properties such as protein as well! 

3 Reasons YOU Should be Eating Peanuts!

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Peanuts are Rich in Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

When it comes to fats in foods, there are a lot of misconceptions. For example, not all fats are bad! In fact, monounsaturated fats are useful for lowering cholesterol levels as well as helping your body to build strong and healthy cells! Peanuts are rich in these fats, making them a great snack for anyone looking to prioritize their health!   

These are only a few of the numerous health benefits of peanuts, but, hopefully, it is enough to justify incorporating more of them into your diet today! 


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