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Tea: a cup of joy made with flavorful boiled leaves. Who knew these little leaves could be so versatile?

Whether you’ve found yourself on edge or you’re looking forward to an evening of relaxation, the right cup of tea can elevate any mood!

It’s easy to find oneself feeling the effects of day-to-day life. From general exhaustion to an unrelenting unease that plagues even the most beloved of pastimes. For those looking to relieve themselves of these unwanted feelings, there are many methods that can be employed. One of those methods is by practicing mindfulness and bringing awareness to yourself through meditation and relaxation. Many people assume this is done by clearing the schedule of any and all duties, rolling out a soft yoga mat, folding oneself on the floor, and sitting for a long time thinking about nothing. As impractical as this sounds for most people to fit in their busy schedules, there are much more beneficial and engaging ways to relieve yourself of the day and its stressors. 

Everyone’s practices may look different since these activities are designed to fit within the context of your life, not everyone’s. For some, taking 5 to 10 minutes a day to sip on a nice cup of tea and reflect on the things weighing down their mind may be a better route to take. This practice can be beneficial to all, but this benefit can be exponentially increased if you just so happen to know which tea to enjoy on any given day! 

Surprisingly, tea can impact your mood depending on the variety, so knowing how tea interacts with emotion can be instrumental in caring for your mental health! To get you better acquainted with this information and well on your way of mindfulness and relaxation, here is Mealfit’s guide to Tea for Every Mood


Teas for Every Mood! chamomile for depression

Image by Jasmine Huang 

For When You Are Feeling Stressed

Life can be incredibly stressful, and oftentimes, stressors tend to compound before resolving, making every day a struggle. When you find yourself on the precipice of overwhelm, brew yourself a steaming cup of chamomile tea!

Chamomile tea is made from the flowers of the German or English Chamomile plant. This herb’s history as a medicinal botanical is long and trusted in many places around the world, which is why its effect as a tea to reduce stress is not unfounded! Studies have shown this ability to reduce the effects of stress on the body, aiding in muscle and emotional relaxation and a good night’s sleep, making it perfect for those stressful days! 


Teas for Every Mood! lavender for sleep

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

For When You Need to Sleep

Speaking of getting a good night’s sleep, there is help to be found on those nights that sleep is doing its best to be evaded! Lavender petals can do much more than just simply smell incredible. They are also greatly beneficial for inducing sleep! 

Studies have linked lavender aroma and tea to aid in reducing fatigue and anxiety, inviting the possibility of sleep on those seemingly restless nights.  

Teas for Every Mood! lemongrass for depression

Image by Loverna Journey

For When You Are Feeling Depressed

Sometimes, there are days when you may find yourself down in the dumps. Whether it’s due to a specific reason or event, or there does not seem to be any identifiable causation, it happens to the best of us. It can make even the most soundproof routine difficult to achieve, which only worsens morale. For those days, a cup of lemongrass tea may help you to get back on your horse and take charge of your day once again!

Lemongrass is an incredibly fragrant herb that is known to aid in balancing gut health by reducing symptoms of nausea. It is believed to have natural antibacterial properties which would explain its ability to help the body cleanse itself of unwanted materials, and this can be extended to the realm of mental health! Lemongrass tea can help your mind relax and rid itself of the things that may be troubling you, making it perfect on those days when you feel particularly depressed and could use some extra motivation! 

Teas for Every Mood! green tea for energy

Image by Jia Ye

For When You Are Feeling Tired

Sometimes, there are just days when the rest of the night before was not quite enough to make it through everything. On the days where you find yourself examining your schedule and trying to work out time for a quick nap, an energetic pick-me-up in the form of green tea may be perfect for you! 

Green tea comes in a few different forms, though they often have the same properties and effects, so you can take your green tea however you like it best! Traditional green tea is steeped and made just as any other tea and is packed with antioxidants even has some caffeine to give your body the energy it needs without the midday crash that coffee may induce!

matcha green tea Teas for Every Mood!

Image by Matcha & CO 

Aside from the traditional form of green tea, there is another that may be more up your alley if you are a connoisseur of creamy latte beverages. Matcha is a vibrant, fine powder made from specially grown ground green tea leaves. Matcha is mixed with warm water or milk and is part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony as it helps to achieve the relaxed, meditative state which tea somewhat embodies. If you are looking to expand your palette and energize your spirit, a creamy cup matcha may do the trick!

Teas for Every Mood! tart cherry tea for anxiety

Image by P.O.sitive Negative

For When You Find Yourself Feeling Anxious

Some days, the to-do list may feel never-ending, or deadlines can appear to be barreling toward you with no regard for your personal wellbeing. Whatever the reason for the anxiety that you feel, know that there is a particular tea to ease the discomfort!  

A toasty cup of a tart cherry tea may be helpful in easing the mind of overwhelm and shedding yourself of the cloak of anxiety, even if for just a moment! Tart cherries are filled with a number of antioxidants and nutrients, but have also been said to have a high level of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep. Sipping a cup of tart cherry tea can help to reduce the anxiety that clutters your brain and helps you feel more relaxed or even tuck you in for a restful and restorative sleep! 

Teas for Every Mood! black tea for energy

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

For When You Need an Energy Boost

If you find yourself needing an extra hand in perking up in the mornings, or even the afternoon, but you don’t consider yourself a coffee drinker, black tea is the perfect option for you! 

Much more mild, the flavor of black tea may be preferred to those that do not savor the bitterness or acidity in any coffee blend. Black tea, much like green tea, is packed with caffeine, making it the perfect morning pick-me-up to give you the boost of energy you need to make it through the day! 

Teas for Every Mood! marsala chai for positivity

Image by Nipanan Lifestyle

For When You Need Positivity

There are days when we could all use a bit more positivity to keep our spirits up as we tackle every task on our to-do list. When obligations are not enough motivation, a cup of cozy Indian Masala Chai may be perfect! 

Indian Masala Chai is rich, creamy, and has a bit of an edge that is the perfect perk to get you feeling energized enough to accomplish every task ahead of you! 

Teas for Every Mood! peppermint tea for unease

Image by Rob Sarmiento

For When You Are Feeling Uneasy

Anxiety and unease can take a toll on the body. Oftentimes, this manifests as nausea and even inflammation in the gut. This can account for that “sick” feeling that comes with anxiety and other undesirable emotions, and it can make navigating life very difficult. 

A sweet and toasty cup of peppermint tea is a great way to soothe tension and unease in the body and get you feeling yourself again! 

The peppermint plant has been used for its soothing medicinal properties for a long time, and its cozy fragrance and refreshing taste make it perfect for a relaxing moment to compose oneself in the face of unease! 

Teas for Every Mood! ginger tea for discomfort

Image by Dominik Martin 

For When You Find Yourself Uncomfortable  

For most people, it can be easy to become over encumbered. We often tend to pile stressor after stressor on ourselves until we can no longer bear the weight, and then we crash (and we crash hard). It’s not healthy to handle things this way, which is why incorporating mindful practices to relieve tension such as this is integral to living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. When you find yourself squirming from the discomfort of stress, finding something to aid in balancing out your emotions is crucial!

Ginger tea is a great option for this for a number of reasons! Ginger has several beneficial properties, such as being an anti-inflammatory, reducing digestive irritation, reducing blood pressure, and more! This can all impact your mood in significant ways, so regulating these systems in the body is very important for taking care of your mental and physical health! 

Teas for Every Mood! lemon or orange tea for anger

Image by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi

For When You Are Feeling Angry

Have you found yourself feeling more irritable than usual? This does not mean there is something wrong with you, nor that this has to become the new norm for your life. Simply put, you may be in need of some introspective work and to filter out the things causing your discomfort. When you happen to be in the negative headspace that accompanies anger, decisions tend to be made on a whim and rash, meaning consequences can be pretty severe. To avoid making any mistakes and acting without proper thought, taking time to decompress is vital!

Lemon or orange herbal tea is perfect for these moments to ease the stress and severity of the emotions you are feeling and allow yourself to return to your level-headed self!  

Now that you have this guide and a better understanding of what types of tea can impact your mood and how that can be utilized, you are well equipped to begin a new practice in your daily routine! Take a few moments every day for yourself and your mental health, sip on the aromatic flavors of a fresh cup of tea and watch your worries melt away! 


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