Ways to Eat Your Water

Ways to Eat Your Water

Ways to Eat Your Water



Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways of taking care of our health!

Are you getting enough water?

Water plays such a vital role in keeping our health in tip-top shape and our bodies functioning the way they are supposed to. Water is so essential that we can’t live without it even if we tried! There are a variety of different ways that water can impact our health, including regulating our body temperature, protecting our organs and tissues, and helping to flush out waste! Most experts agree that people should be drinking between 4 and 6 cups of water on average every day. If you’re not tracking the amount of water you drink on a daily basis, maybe it’s time you should! According to an article published by the Chicago Tribune in 2013, a study by the CDC found that a whopping 43% of Americans get less than 4 cups of water every day. That number likely hasn’t changed much over the years and can account for some major health concerns! 

A good way to make sure you’re getting plenty of water in your diet is to keep track of it! You can keep a journal, use a reusable water bottle with volume indicators, or you can be sure to incorporate more foods with high concentrations of water into your weekly meal plans! That’s right, there are a ton of foods that are filled with water, and most of them are great tasting and healthy food options! Here are our six favorite foods that have a lot of water to help you stay hydrated! 

bell peppers

Image by Rens D

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are vegetables that come in a variety of colors and can be enjoyed raw, steam or even roasted! Though they may have a mild spice to them, bell peppers are a flavorful food that is packed with vital nutrients and a whole lot of water! In fact, bell peppers are made up of over 90% water! Aside from that, they are mostly small amounts of carbs, proteins, fats, and even fiber! 



Image by Markus Winkler


Another mild member of the vegetable family on our list is cucumbers! These veggies are cool for a reason, and it’s because they consist of 96-97% water! They are also rich in essential vitamins, a good source of fiber, and low in calories, making them a refreshing and healthy snack! 



Image by David Thielen


Whether you’re a tomato fan or not, there’s no denying their health properties! Tomatoes are known to be quite juicy, and that’s because they are made almost entirely out of water! In fact, tomatoes are about 95% water


Image by Karolina Kołodziejczak


This vegetable is well known for its water contentment and is often hailed for its characteristic as a calorie-deficient food (meaning it burns more calories by eating it than is ingested). Celery is a crunchy and mild-flavored stalk that is comprised of 95% water, just like tomatoes! There are a number of other reasons you should be eating more celery too, like its high fiber content, the amount of potassium and calcium found in celery, and at least 12 antioxidants packed in this little vegetable!  


Image by Sahand Babali 


If you haven’t guessed, this fruit is known to be pretty high in water content. I mean, it’s in the name! Watermelon, of course, has a ton of water, but not as much as you may be thinking! Watermelon typically is comprised of anywhere between 92-94% water, meaning it has less water in a single serving than some of the other foods we’ve talked about. However, watermelon has a unique, tropical flavor and natural sugars that makes it a perfect food to perk up your energy levels! 



Image by Petr Magera 


Finally, the last food on our list is lettuce. This leafy green is comprised of 96% water! That means you can get that perfect crunchy texture of a nice snack in something as simple as a salad and you’ll be hydrating yourself with it! 

There are a lot of foods that are high in water content, and we couldn’t help but want to share some of our favorites with you! Remember, it’s important to get plenty of water every day, so do your best to keep track and take note of your water intake levels! 

We hope you enjoy this article for Ways to Eat Your Water. If you tried incorporating these things into your regular routine, make sure to let us know! For more recipes, follow us on social media and make sure to check out our weekly blog posts where we share our new favorite recipes and must-know facts about food and living a healthy lifestyle! Check out the other meal options Mealfit provides such as our Weekly Specials, Individual Meals, and other Meals by the Pound.

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