What Part of the Egg is Best?

What Part of the Egg is Best?

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Everyone knows eggs have tremendous benefits for a healthy diet, but there’s quite a debate as to what part of the egg is better for health.

Egg yolks and egg whites offer different advantages for health, so here’s a guide to help you decide what’s best for you!

Eggs are an essential part of a balanced diet and enjoyed by so many people around the world! They can be prepared in so many ways and create some of the best tasting and overall healthy dishes out there. But, if you’ve ever tried to manage your own diet, you’ve probably come across the argument concerning whether sticking to egg whites is better than using the yolks. People tend to be headstrong in their stance with eggs, which can make it difficult to get a clear answer on the topic. The truth is, there isn’t really a right or wrong way to enjoy eggs, just the way that works best for you! In order to figure out whether you should be leaving out the yolks or eating eggs whole, we’ve put together this guide! By going over properties of eggs like calories, protein, and more, you can decide which part of the egg works best for you! 


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Calories play a vital role in managing a healthy diet. Especially for anyone attempting to lose or manage their weight, the amount of calories eaten on a daily basis can directly impact health and diet plans. For those trying to slim down and lower their daily caloric intake, egg whites is definitely the option to choose. Egg whites typically have about 17 calories per egg, compared to the 77 calories per whole egg. It may not seem like much difference, but when trying to maintain a calorie deficit, lower calorie alternatives are a lifesaver! On the other hand, for those trying to increase muscle mass and weight, sticking to the higher-calorie whole egg is a much healthier way to enjoy the versatile food! 



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Protein & Fats 

Eggs have a lot more to offer besides calories. One of the most well-known and beneficial characteristics of eggs is the high protein they contain. Protein is a necessary component for keeping your body strong and healthy, and it can be difficult to come by sometimes, especially for people that eat within a plant-based diet such as vegetarians. Luckily, many people consider eggs a vegetarian food, making it a great source for protein! Whole eggs can have over 6 grams of proteins, as well as 5 grams of fat! Fats are also a necessary part of a healthy diet, but some people have specific needs for limiting their fat intake. In that case, egg whites are a much better option, still having at least 3 grams of protein per egg, there is little to no fat in egg whites! 



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Aside from the aspects mentioned, eggs contain a lot of vital nutrients. Deciding which parts of the egg works best in your diet isn’t such a daunting choice because either way, there are tons of benefits! However, depending on your needs, some benefits may be better for you than others. Whole eggs, for example, are much more rich in nutrients, vitamins, and protein that is lost in the separation process when getting egg whites. However, it also means that whole eggs are higher in fats and calories that may be less beneficial to certain diets and lifestyles. In that case, egg whites may be a better option for calorie-control and as a source of lean protein. 

Recipes for eggs both ways!

Experimenting with food is always a great way to have fun and discover your new favorite things! Regardless of what way you take your eggs, we’ve collected a number of recipes that feature this simple and nutritious ingredient for any occasion, as well as a beginner-friendly guide to mastering the art of poaching! 


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