Which Type of Potato Should You Be Eating?

Which Type of Potato Should You Be Eating?

White potato or sweet potato nutritional comparison


Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are unmistakably different when it comes to taste, but what about everything else?

Let’s explore the nutritional differences between these two types of potatoes and what that means for you!

It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body, even from foods that may seem so familiar to you! Potatoes, like other vegetables, are packed with plenty of nutritional value and essential vitamins and nutrients. However, not all potatoes are the same! Some have properties that others do not, so depending on your health needs, you may be better off switching white potatoes for sweet, or vice versa! Let’s investigate the health differences that come with both of these spuds!



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White Potatoes

White potatoes are the most common potato found in many foods and dishes, and for good reason, too! White potatoes have a higher percentage of resistant starch, which is much better for your body than it sounds! Resistant starch functions similarly to soluble fiber, which means it helps your body to improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar, reduce appetite, and makes sure the gut bacteria living in the colon are happy and healthy! 

White potatoes are also rich in something called folate, which is essential for your body to create genetic materials, divide cells, and keep every system in your body functioning in tip-top shape! 

And finally, white potatoes have higher percentages of iron and potassium than their sweet counterpart. Iron is necessary for your body in a number of ways, including keeping your energy levels up and promoting good circulation. Potassium, on the other hand, is particularly useful in helping your nerves communicate with one another, which accounts for everything we do!


sweet potatoes

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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes not only have an entirely different flavor profile than white potatoes, but they also have an entirely different health profile as well! For starters, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, which are crucial for everyone’s health. 

Vitamin A helps to protect the immune system and also impacts several other systems including the reproductive system and even vision! Vitamin C is essential for the body to protect itself from harm and repair any wounds that may come about, plus, it strengthens the immune system a considerable amount! 

Finally, sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, which is an essential nutrient that can deeply impact your quality of life! Fiber helps to regulate the amount of sugar in your body, which can impact hunger and blood sugar levels. But, most notably, fiber is what keeps your digestive system running smoothly to remove anything unwanted from your body! 


As you can see, both white potatoes and sweet potatoes are packed with health benefits, so choosing which one to reach for next time you visit the store is really up to you and your body’s needs! Both are affordable and quality sources of carbohydrates and they are similar in their calorie count and macro composition, so it’s helpful to mix both into your regular diet! 


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