What's for Dinner Tonight?

What's for Dinner Tonight?

Summer is a busy time for parents! The kids are home from school, which means you might not have as much time to plan out your meals for the week. Next time you're wondering what's for dinner tonight, we've got you covered! Check out these four recipes for a delicious, hassle-free dinner menu this week.

Recipe #1: Fresh Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw

Fresh Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw

This recipe is so simple. All you have to do is cook up some seasoned white fish and mix the slaw, and then you have everything you need to assemble some flavorful fish tacos that are sure to please your family. We recommend keeping some tomatillo ranch, citrus avocado sauce, or guacamole handy to top off these delicious tacos.

Recipe #2: Tomato Quinoa Salad

Tomato Quinoa Salad

This recipe is so quick to put together. As long as you have the chickpeas and quinoa ready to go, it can be tossed into a bowl at any time this week. This recipe is a tasty option for the extra busy days. It is like the healthy version of fast food on your dinner menu this week.

Recipe #3: White Fish Stew

White Fish Stew 

If you want to look like you put a lot of effort into dinner after cooking a twenty-minute meal, this is the one for you. This stew is just a matter of sautéing ingredients, adding the liquids, and then stewing the fish! It takes very little time, but that doesn't keep the final product from being fragrant and delicious. 

Recipe #4: Ground Beef Carbonara

Ground Beef Carbonara

Your family is sure to love this pasta dish. This creamy pasta delight is packed with protein and mushrooms, making it a great option for quick dinner any night of the week. The best part is that it’s appreciated by kids and parents alike.

Text By Thomas Cox and Martha Kendall Custard 

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